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American jailers made inmates listen to Baby Shark on repeat

Two former prison wardens and their boss from Oklahoma were charged with mistreating prisoners: an investigation found that prison guards forced prisoners to stand to listen to the children's song Baby Shark. In December last year, prisoners had to stand for two hours to listen to the same melody, which was played on repeat. For those who do not see anything terrible in this situation, we would like to remind you: the report of the US Senate Committee of 2014 says that repeated playback of music is a form of psychological torture.

An American decorated his house for Halloween "in the style of 2020"

Central Connecticut State University history teacher Matt Warshauer didn’t decorate his home for Halloween with pumpkins, but with photographs to show the "real horrors" of 2020. Warshauer hung 46 photographs at the entrance to his house: 18 Black Americans killed by police and 28 victims of COVID-19. He chose portraits of people of different ages to show that coronavirus can be dangerous for young people too.

The teacher used to draw attention to relevant problems in society with the help of décor. For instance, last year, Warshauer built a "wall on the border with Mexico" in his yard.

A smart IT expert made a coffee maker mine cryptocurrency

Renowned IT expert Martin Chron, who is an employee at Avast, surprised the whole world! He made his coffee machine mine Monero cryptocurrency.

The Smarter iKettle coffee maker was chosen for the hacker attack. It connects to the smart home system using Wi-Fi. Martin made changes to the firmware and uploaded a code to the coffee maker that helped him gain control over the household appliance. A video has already appeared of on how the coffee maker began to show a message stating that it would no longer work without ransom, while it was spilling boiling water. In addition, cryptocurrency mining was launched on it.

A football team from the USA wanted to thank doctors and accidentally printed a photo of a porn star on a glass

The University of Mississippi football team Ole Miss Rebels has updated the design of their cups at the stadium. They decided to thank the doctors for their contribution to the fight against the pandemic, but made a mistake, and so Steve Wolfe, commonly known as Johnny Sins, appeared among the photos of doctors on the poster.

The actor decided to answer the team – he thanked them for the "great honor," but clarified that he is just a guy who plays a role.

Goose and dog fight for a bathing basin

Twitter user ggAgfiffLLhGY5H has four animals at home: two parrots, a goose named Omochi, and a dog called Potato. Their life is quite fun and varied.

They live peacefully, but recently there has been a small war: Omochi and Potato did not share the bathing basin. Usually, a goose swims there, and he decisively believes that a dog does not belong there.