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Short legends generator from a neural network

Developer Michael Reeves taught the neural network to generate short stories based on English folklore. Anyone can use the site for inspiration or just to kill time. The legends consist of two sentences: the first one says what fictional source the story is taken from, and the second one is a short and sometimes a little absurd plot.

Cryptocurrency astrologer predicts when to invest in Bitcoin

Maren Altman, a 22-year-old New Yorker, has been predicting Bitcoin price fluctuations for almost a year. Her TikTok account has already gained over a million followers.

The girl makes all her predictions based on astrological observations. For example, according to Maren, she sees favorable indicators for Bitcoin in February and March, while mid-April will be less optimistic. The girl looks at the natal chart of the cryptocurrency based on the date it appeared.


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Funniest Bernie Sanders mittens memes

Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony took place in Washington on January 20. Nevertheless, his former rival in the election race, Bernie Sanders, eclipsed the new president of the United States by becoming a new Internet meme.