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How the Adult Industry Uses Cryptocurrency: Part 1

Not only banks are interested in cryptocurrency. So are farmers, energy companies, and the sex industry that includes sex shops, pornography companies, and dating sites.

Apple Changed Siri Settings in iOS 13.2 to Enhance Confidentiality of Users

iOS 13.2 version is ready to be installed. Who will process your voice requests this time?

Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Stylish: Lenovo Introduced the Thinnest Speaker in the World

The thinnest speaker manufactured by Lenovo is easy to use and very affordable. It is simple to connect it to your smartphone as the speaker supports NFC, along with Siri, Google Assistant, and even Microsoft Cortana.

The New iOS Update Will Allow Siri to Automatically Use Other Messengers Other Than iMessage

The new iOS update will make Siri able to default other messengers besides iMessage. The voice assistant will choose the appropriate app based on your previous interactions with contacts.

Devices and Updates of Amazon You Should Try. Post-Presentation Details

The bunch of smart devices are now available for shopping. See the future Amazon bestsellers.

Nike Introduced Smart Sneakers with Built-in Siri Tool

Nike introduced Adapt Huarache sneakers, which can be controlled via the Apple Watch or Siri voice assistant. Athletes can shift modes on-the-go.

Google Quit Listening of Voice Requests from Assistant

Google experts know what you need and what you do. The system records all the Assistant requests: data leakage and federal investigation.