Nike introduced Adapt Huarache sneakers, which are tied and untied with the Apple Watch or Siri voice assistant as it was described on the manufacturer's website.

Nike baked the FitAdapt technology into the sneakers to personalize settings according to the foot type of the customer. Special buttons on the sole control the level of lace tightening. At the same time, sneakers connect to the Nike Adapt app on the smartphone via Bluetooth, so in advance, you can choose a number of modes and make settings between them. Switching modes can be done on-the-go. Also, wearers can learn recommendations to select the best mode for their races.

These sneakers are primarily designed for athletes. They adapt to environmental conditions and periodically change the level of tightening, so as not to create unnecessary pressure on the leg. The start of sales is scheduled for September 13, and the price is not yet announced.