Facebook, as one of Big Tech companies relentlessly works to invent another hi-tech sensation. This time we have an outstanding project produced by the cooperation of social media giant and the leading eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, the creator of Ray-Ban glasses.

Actually, whether it will be the Ray-Ban glasses with Augmented Reality technology is not clear yet. They call these glasses “Orion” and it will be a functional device, not a standard accessory. You can take calls from the smartphone, see some information on a tiny display or even record live-stream videos, which is utterly great for bloggers or YouTubers. The world can see this AR gadget in some year between 2023 and 2025.

However, there are rumors that Facebook will show another set of smart glasses in the nearest future, and it’s more likely to be the Ray-Ban-based one which now has the codename “Stella”.

Anyway, it would be an exciting release and users can try those spy-like devices we used to see in the movies.