Apple sent an invitation to the "One More Thing" event. Apple's third fall online presentation will take place on November 10, at 10 AM PST.

The phrase "One more thing," which became known thanks to Steve Jobs and preceded the announcement of revolutionary products in the final part of the presentations, was last used by Apple at the iPhone X presentation in 2017.

Even though the invitation does not say what will be announced, everyone knows that Apple will finally unveil the first iMac with ARM processors.

The show will also likely announce the release date for macOS 11 Big Sur, unveiled at WWDC in June, and has been in beta in recent months. Also, we are expecting the announcement of AirTag and the sensational AirPods Studio on-ear headphones.

Recall that Apple announced its own ARM processors' transition in Mac computers instead of x86-compatible Intel CPUs at the June WWDC conference. Then Apple CEO Tim Cook said that this was a historic day for the company. This transition will mark the third change in the architecture of Apple computers: in the early 90s, the Cupertino giant switched its Macs from Motorola processors to IBM's PowerPCs, and in 2005 there was a transition to conventional Intel CPUs.

Earlier, Apple assured that users could easily run applications built for the old architecture on new Macs. It would take developers only a few days to add support for new processors to existing applications.

Apple estimates that the transition to its own processors will take two years. By 2022, the whole line of Macs will run on ARM processors.