On September 3d, we finally saw the new version of the original Google software — Android 10. The company had been carrying betas over several months and now officially settled the Android Q OS on Pixel smartphones. Fans won't be disappointed as there are lots of new stuff to test and say "Great!"
Android 10 users will meet new gestures, new notification stuff, the new way to get OS updates, Live Capture, and much more.

The long-awaited feature that everyone's going to notice is the Dark Theme. It can be easily turned on in one tap, and it's the proper dark shade which saves the battery life of the gadget.
Most of native Google apps also support the Dark Theme, like calendar or photos.

New gestural navigation system. You can swipe in any side of the screen to open different apps, there is a white line on the bottom, arrows on the right and left edges. Multitasking is renewed as well and has several exciting options.

What's more important in Android Q is that Google fixed the updates getting for users. Before, it was annoying as you'll never guess if the new stuff is going to reach your phone model. Google decided to focus on security and privacy updates separately from all the bunch of features updates.

In the words of Steph Cuthbertson, the Director of Android, the Project Mainline feature will enable rapid delivering of latest updates, especially for the security-sensitive apps, when improvements get most phones on the air.

In Android Q, there are top-level privacy-related renewals added to default settings. It's about 50 different controls to manage with data on your gadget. Location history and permission manager is more disciplined now.

Notifications achieved more button to reply. Google's machine learning recognizes text in the message and offers you quick and easy ways to answer.

Another fantastic feature is the Live caption. For example, while watching received video or video from any app, the subtitles will be displayed on the screen by the live caption of what's been said. People who have problems with hearing will definitely appreciate that development which is surely human good.

Focus Mode reminds the "Do Not Disturb" sign to make all the annoying apps silent until the user decides to turn them on back. That's handy enough when your extremely busy and the worthy addition for the digital well-being app timers.

To sum it up, Google released the OS due to its security scrutiny and privacy reinforcement. The Q version includes more precise and detailed control over the data access. However, the majority of Android users will probably say that they ought to implement it a couple of years ago, and they are available only in Android Q. Anyway, the AI developments which brought Live Caption is awe-inspiring.