Nowadays it’s quite trendy to deteriorate the graphics of popular games. This new trend allows you to stylize games as if they were on the older console and, of course, simply have fun. These days, YouTube offers tons of videos about how Death Stranding would have looked like with PS1 level graphics.

Death Stranding is the most expected game of the year that managed to become the most massive release on PS4 in Japan, surpassing the previous title holder – Bloodborne.

A similar experiment was already conducted in summer, although the gameplay there looked different. However, there is a certain charm in graphics like these.

Besides, previously there was a video about another popular game called Untitled Goose, an Australian project by the House House video game developer.

The game is about a terrorist goose that mocks the inhabitants of a small English village. For example, frightens schoolchildren with screams from behind, steals food from campers and then cackles victoriously.

In this game, the graphics of the “goose simulator” were worsened similarly.