The blockchain platform of the Durov brothers should be launched on April 30. Otherwise, the founder of Telegram will have to return the money to investors. However, there are rumors among investors that Telegram may not return the money to those who invested in TON and are not US residents.

Investors Don’t Know Anything About TON in Several Days Before Launch
New York-licensed attorney at Buzko Legal, Evgeny Krasnov, explains that the deadline on April 30 is conditional because it has already been moved at least once. Telegram may once again try to negotiate with investors and postpone the launch to a later date.

Probably, it should have been a catch for many investors, but, despite the ban of the American regulator, Durov can launch the cryptocurrency in all countries except the United States. It is the most favorable outcome that could be expected, but investors do not think so. This option was considered earlier, but the probability of its implementation was minimized.

The release of Gram may put investors in an awkward position. The adoption of tokens may violate US laws, which may result in sanctions.

Some people say that it would almost be almost 21st-century piracy. If Durov’s team release Gram, they will formally fulfill their promise and are will not be required to return the money. Durov’s team will violate the US law, and if TON investors “take” Gram tokens, they will become accomplices.

Such a scenario is described only by investors, and Durov’s team does not officially comment on the possible return of money only to American investors.

What Will Happen If Ton Loses the Case Against the SEC
We’ve been following the development of TON for almost half-year. And now, this story is nearing its end. Only time will tell whether the Telegram team will be able to launch TON or not.

It should be noted that on March 25, the court of the Southern District of New York granted the SEC petition against Telegram. Then, judge Kevin Castel stated that in the $1.7 billion collected from investors, the court sees unregistered securities.

The New York Court Granted the SEC Request Against TON
Telegram will most likely lose the case in court, and Durov’s company will be obliged not only to return the money but also to pay a fine. The final verdict will be issued on April 30.