Google has announced that its Stadia timed-exclusive Crayta will be out on July 1, 2020. Basically, Crayta is a set of tools that allow users to create games with the support of up to 20 players. It lets you create, collaborate, and play with your friends, sharing links to your own games. The project somehow resembles PlayStation’s Dreams game and Minecraft in terms of concept.

Crayta is the first game that will use State Share Beta, an early version of the State Share feature introduces by Stadia. With State Share, users can visit the gaming worlds of other people, provided that they have a link to follow and own the game. With this feature, it will be easy to join your friends’ multiplayer games with just one click.

Google unveiled Stadia at last year’s GDC conference, focusing on features that cloud gaming could make possible. And State Share is one of those, arriving in beta with Crayta this summer. This is pretty much how the feature works:

"With a new technology called State Share, developers can let a player instantly share a playable moment from a game," Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert revealed during that GDC conference.

Crayta, developed by UK studio Unit 2 Games, is a collaborative game that was first announced in April as “First on Stadia,” meaning that it won’t be available on Google Stadia only forever, and may be launched on other consoles, PC, or mobile later. However, there’s no information as to its availability on other platforms in the future yet.

Crayta Premium Edition will be available for free at launch for Stadia Pro subscribers, and will cost $39.99 for the rest of users. A Deluxe Edition with some exclusive cosmetic items and additional in-game currency will cost $59.99.

Google Launches Free Two-Month Trial Access to Stadia Pro
Google offers a two-month free subscription to its Stadia cloud gaming service. The promotion is available to new users and those who have already purchased a subscription or are currently using it.

The next Stadia Connect event is scheduled to take place on July 14, where Google will announce games that will come to the Stadia streaming service later this year.