In 2021, the fashion and beauty industry continue to undergo the most striking changes that began in 2020. The production market is changing along with it: from the catwalk and magazine shootings to creative campaigns of brands. If you adapt to these changes in time, you can succeed in self-promotion.

Build your personal brand

A personal brand is an essential resource for your own promotion. Personal history and opinions are essential for success. If you are active on social media and have a loyal audience, customers will definitely pay attention to this.

Instagram and other platforms with a focus on visual content are a fantastic place to showcase your portfolio. There you can show your work by building a particular style. This will make it easier to figure out whether you are suitable for each other with the one who offered you cooperation or who you want to offer it to. The bigger the audience, the bigger your responsibility.

Promote your brand on social media

The higher your activity on social media, the more clearly the algorithms will be tuned for greater audience reach.


Blurry and moody shots, collages, film, and naturalness. Another current trend is to share your private life details: fascinating stories about yourself, the intricacies of the creative process, and the difficulties of ideas implementation attract the audience. We return to the humanization of brands and brand social media pages again: naturalness, honesty, and beauty are in fashion.

TikTok and YouTube

Static visual content can be easily animated. On TikTok, you can come up with alternative ways to present your portfolio: create funny, exciting stories, or just beautiful short videos that demonstrate your skills. You can upload something longer on YouTube: a showreel, a video presentation of a model, or a video about makeup – from tutorials to ASMR or creative videos.

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  • Build your personal brand. Analyze your industry competitors' accounts, find the features you like about them, and carefully implement them into your accounts. Share helpful information, talk about your interests.
  • Follow trends in your industry. Follow new trends and quickly adopt them in your professional activity and social media. Show your audience and potential customers that you are not only a professional in your field, but also an expert who follows and sets new standards.
  • Build a portfolio and keep it updated. A portfolio is your professional face.
  • Develop soft skills. Working in the production industry presupposes the skill of competent business communication.
  • Consider alternative ways to promote. In 2021, Instagram remains the leading social media platform for fashion industry representatives, but now others are gaining popularity, like TikTok and YouTube. With the proper promotion, you can achieve rapid success.
  • Participate in TFP shoots and unpaid projects. This way, you can gain the necessary experience and build a portfolio.