This phrase will make nine out of ten readers think that as an open relationship adherent I can change my partners like the wind easily. I have another interpretation of this idea. Why does an open relationship necessarily have to equal random sexual hookups? Furthermore, I don’t know any good examples of an open relationship from life (sex-wise), so if you have a successful one, please do send me your autographed photo.

The concept of freedom is absolute. You’re free to do whatever you want. You can hang out with anyone regardless of their gender, drink as much as desired, travel wherever you need to, and watch whatever stuff you like. In other words, there are no boundaries. In a relationship, you are not doing all of it alone.

Through a simple adding up we can conclude that an open relationship is when you don’t need your partner’s constant approval to go bar crawling with your friends at night or to stay at home and simply relax on your own. An open relationship is when you have a clear understanding that the person is there for you, and yet both of you can feel fine when apart. It’s when you’re not alone, but nobody belongs to you either. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Not wanting a relationship is the new black. People are scared of painful breakups and being dependent on somebody. Being a loner is easy and doesn’t hurt. I have an explanation for it. We are afraid to become dull and uninteresting, and that’s all right. For instance, I’m writing this article in another part of the apartment, while my boyfriend is busy doing his thing. I missed an important detail – we had a plan to spend the whole day together, however, after 5 hours of spending time like this, we felt the need to be apart for a while.

A relationship is like a cookie jar. Sooner or later you’ll eat it all, and there will only be crumbs left that you may either simply throw away or finish with no pleasure. But if you take your meal in no hurry, carefully revealing all the flavor going on and remembering to resupply, the fact that you have some cookie will always warm your heart. This relationship type is almost heaven on Earth.