Wanna make coronavirus laugh? Tell it about your plans. Because of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 disease, many people will have to give up on their planned trips as the virus has spread to more than a hundred countries. Because of coronavirus, Princess Beatrice has postponed her wedding ceremony, and Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry decided to do the same. All schools and educational institutions are closing, mass gatherings and large events are being canceled, you cannot even climb Everest this season as China and Nepal shut down all expeditions for the rest of the year.

However, the Internet Protocol team collected 10 ideas about what to do while being in self-isolation at home that will not let you get bored. Here’s what we strongly recommend you to do during COVID-19 quarantine:

1. Practice Sport at Home

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle will backfire sooner or later. People call all diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle, “an invisible epidemic.” It is unlikely that you’ll be able to walk your average daily steps at home, but we still urge you to not lie down on the sofa for too long. Summer is just around the corner, and your buttocks will not exercise without you, just like your beer belly will not magically disappear. Install one of the home workout apps and do different exercises every day, but don’t overdo it! Your aim is not to injure yourself, but simply to move around. So, in order not to bail on the whole thing after the second workout because of laziness, have a competition with your friends online. For instance, spend your daily meeting in a plank position.

2. Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Decluttering your clothes and clearing out your wardrobe are activities you could spend long hours on. Sort your clothes into thematic piles: to keep, to sell, to donate. Perhaps the time has come to sew the missing button to the shirt you used to wear at school (you will surely fit into it after working out at home, right?). This is also an excellent opportunity to play a stylist and try to match clothes that would seem incompatible at first glance.

3. Clean the Windows and Declutter Your Home

The most useful thing to do while social distancing at home is to reorganize your stuff and keep it clean. For instance, even in the cleanest houses, windows often remain dusty and stained as cleaning them is not the most pleasant thing, and it’s usually wet and cold. The peak of the pandemic falls on warmer months, which makes it a good reason to spend several hours cleaning the windows and looking at the world without distortion. At the same time, don’t forget to wash the curtains, which accumulate dust and dirt from the street that you then breathe. A great way to reboot is to get rid of those “necessary” things that nobody actually uses. If you can take nice pics of them, you can also make good money by placing an ad and selling them on social networks or on a special online platform such as eBay.

4. Experiment with Different Types of Food

Using food delivery services is all good and right, but you can turn the process of eating food during quarantine into a challenge: study your food supplies and try to come up with a meal made out of them. While you’re at it, check the expiration date of your deposits and throw away everything that looks like the biological weapon rather than food. If your fantasy went on vacation, watch a couple of tutorials on how to create a culinary masterpiece even with a simple set of products.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Yes, you still need to work the same number of hours, but you don’t need to spend time on commuting and styling your fluff in the morning. Take this opportunity to go to bed earlier and wake up later. And the lunch break during your working hours can be used for daytime sleep. Enjoy!

6. Update Your Resume

If you’re staying in the same job for too long, your resume or portfolio is most likely stored under a thick layer of dust. Having an up-to-date resume is very important. Who knows, maybe a job or an internship of your dreams will suddenly come along tomorrow. Your resume should show what benefits you can bring to the project. This one is a bad description: freelance designer from 2014 to 2020. This is a good one: freelance designer from 2014 to 2020 + examples of works + links to projects + quantitative indicators (for example, after I changed the design of coffee cups, sales increased by 30%).

7. Meditate

Quarantine is a great opportunity to be silent. You can try to meditate on your own or use special apps. The easiest way of meditation is to scan your body. Lie on your back, close your eyes and alternately focus on different parts of your body, sliding attention from your toes up to the top of your head.

8. Learn Something New

It’s time to do a make-up bag revision and finally try that carrot lipstick that you bought when it was on sale. Turn on any preferred make-up tutorial and create, and once you get the hang of it, try to monetize your talent.

When else would you have some free time to do face art like Juno Birch?

Or do manicure no worse than they do in salons?

You can learn to put any make-up on your face for an infinite number of hours, just make sure you have some make-up remover remove your masterpiece from the face later.

9. Watch a Concert or See a Play

It’s an alternative to movies and series that will let you spend time in a bohemian way. Since it’s dangerous to go to theatres and cinemas, use the greatest invention of mankind – the Internet. To your attention, there is the Vienna State Opera, a Beyoncé concert, Matthew Bourne’s productions, and a lot more. All these treasures await you on streaming services as well as on YouTube. And don’t forget to dress up appropriately!

10. Learn to Live in Peace

If you share your living space with relatives or just roommates, allocate responsibilities for the quarantine period. Everyone should keep the space clean! The current situation is not that simple, and staying together 24 hours a day may well lead to annoyance, that is why one should not forget about personal boundaries and interests. Everything is not that bad either, though, there are plenty of ways to spend time together apart from watching series. You can also cook together, play chess or other board games together – this will help you find common ground.