There are five simple ways to become smarter, and you’ll like them! No gruelling or tedious exercises – just pure fun. And also, in this article, you may find out why you are already way smarter than others. But here’s the deal: let’s not make this a powerful argument at your final job interview, okay?

1. A way for right-handed people

As we noticed, scientists really like spending time on re-studying their own discoveries. This way, smart people from Duke University in the USA once again proved that doing simple activities with the left hand helps right-handed people form new neural connections in the cerebral cortex. This trick won’t work with left-handed people, they are all good already.

Anyway, Taoist artists new this fact many centuries ago, and all newspapers and magazines wrote about it multiple times. And yet we can certainly say that if you brush your teeth with the opposite hand or eat holding a fork with the opposite hand, you will help your brain.

2. Eat foods that are high in vitamin B12

We know from the school curriculum and milk ads that milk contains vitamin B12, which means that you need to literally be filled with milk to feed your brain. But not everyone can do this as lactose intolerance still exists. The good news is that you don’t need to drink milk, you can eat fish and take vitamin complexes.

Oxford University conducted a study proving that the lack of vitamin B12 in the body six times increases the risk of the early death of the brain’s grey matter. We don’t need to know where you are going to get B12 from, this is a private matter, and we won’t judge you.

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3. Eat blueberries

The University of Reading carried out an experiment on one hundred volunteers. The result of the experiment revealed an interesting fact: eating blueberries as well as any other blue berries increases the ability to learn and remember all kinds of nonsense.

4. Drink wine

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the USA wanted to prepare another wrathful result of a study on the danger of red wine. Alas, testing of two thousand people showed that wine lovers who drink 100 ml of it 3-5 times a week show better results in information perception tests.

5. Master Sudoku solving

Oxford University cannot be stopped, so they conducted another study there was no need in. A lot of taxpayers’ money was spent on this sensational discovery, so that scientists would proudly tell the world what the world knew without them: intellectual games slow down age-related degradation of nerve cells. Among the games that the Oxfordians named are Sudoku, poker, and the English card game Cribbage. The main thing is not to forget to shuffle the cards with your left hand.

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And here are 6 reasons why you already may be smarter than other people (even if you haven’t drunk milk and shuffled cards).

Scientists have identified behavioral patterns and common features of all people with above-average intelligence. We want to note this right away: correlation does not imply causation.

1. You are the eldest child in the family

Back in 2007, Leipzig University conducted a study showing that older children in a family usually have a higher IQ, and this is due to the differences in their upbringing (the first child receives much more attention than all subsequent ones). The difference is not that big – only 1.5 points. But every bit counts, you know?

2. You attended music classes

Children who took music classes at the age of 4 to 6 show better results in math and language exams and, on average, have a 3 point higher IQ (according to studies by the University of California and the University of Toronto).

3. You don’t smoke

There was a study carried out in Israel in 2010 that is relevant to this day. The sample showed that out of 20,000 men, an average IQ for a smoker is 94 points, whereas that of a non-smoker is 101 points! And the more you smoke a day, the lower your score is.

4. You are slim

Weight and intelligence are best friends. A French study showed that overweight people, on average, remember 44% of new information. In comparison, their slim friends show a result of 56%!

5. You are left-handed

An interesting study was published in the American Journal of Psychology that confirmed that left-handed people are more likely to have divergent thinking. This means that brilliant and crazy ideas come to the heads of left-handed people much more often than to the heads of right-handed citizens.

6. You are tall

A study conducted at Princeton showed that children at the age of 3 who are taller than their peers often become informal group leaders and show the best results in testing. The correlation is not high, and that’s good, otherwise, we would live under the domination of basketball players.