Even after lockdown restrictions have been eased in some countries, and there are fewer bans now, people rightly fear to spend a lot of time outside their home. Gyms and swimming pools are closed or work according to new rules with a limited number of visitors. And even if it is already allowed to play sports in sport halls or at stadiums where you live, there are still days that you will spend at home. For example, hot or rainy ones. In this article, we’ve gathered tips that will help you maintain a healthy level of activity even when you stay at home and self-isolate.

1. Exercise in the morning

A few exercises in the morning will help you wake up and warm up your body. If you have half an hour for a full-fledged workout in the morning, it is silly not to use this time wisely! After training, you will be filled with a pleasant sensation of having done something important and the feeling of your own productivity.

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2. Set a timer

A break during work is not necessarily only about coffee. It may be the same coffee break, of course, only an improved version of it. You can combine two useful things. For instance, squat while coffee is brewing or food is being heated in the microwave. These short active pauses during the day may result in an hour of a full training, so set a timer that will remind you to get up from the table and move a little every 50-60 minutes.

3. Combine exercise with entertainment

You don’t necessarily need to train according to someone else’s plan. You can choose a few exercises you are well familiar with (like core twisters or planks) and do them several times while watching a movie or TV series.

4. Don’t forget about the little things

When working from home, it is very tempting to give up changing into something other than pajamas, as it is easier to open a laptop without getting out of bed. The same thing applies to training: sometimes, it seems that it’s not necessary to put on sportswear and sneakers because you can easily stretch in your pajamas. In reality, sportswear gives you a pleasant feeling of order.

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5. Buy what you are missing

Let’s face it, nobody is ever eager to buy all these dumbbells and training mats. There always was a risk of forgetting about them because going to the gym is easier and more enjoyable. But now you will have to exercise without leaving home for quite a while. And that means that you still need to buy things that will make your workouts more comfortable.

6. Work out with someone

Zoom is useful not only for business meetings but also for remote workouts. This option is suitable for those who love planning and discipline, or for those who do not like to train alone. Online workouts are also carried out via live streams on Instagram. And if you want to work out with your personal trainer, just agree on a convenient option, for instance, FaceTime video calls.

You can also do online training with the help of YouTube videos. You can find nice and relaxed ones on Maddie Lymburner’s channel. She’s a fitness and culinary blogger and creator of the YouTube channel MadFit. Maddy has a separate playlist with short workouts to the music: one song – one small set of exercises with her own weight.

7. Dance

At first, everyone perceived such a thing as online bars with humor. It seems like a thing someone came up with to justify the desire to get drunk in quarantine. But it quickly became apparent that until we return to the old format of offline parties, at virtual parties, you can not only drink, but also have heart-to-heart talks, play games, and dance! The latter is an excellent kind of physical activity. If online parties do not suit you, watch music videos on YouTube (the funnier they dance, the better) and try to repeat movements in the company of loved ones or even alone.

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8. Clean up the mess

For many, cleaning is a boring and tedioud task, the results of which last for a short while. However, even this annoying thing has a plus – cleaning makes you move around. Clean the mess on the floor, wipe the dust, vacuum or wash the floors, take off and wash the curtains – you will definitely feel how physically tired you became. To not do everything at once, clean in parts (during the day or on different days of the week).

9. Come up with games where you need to move

This point is for those who have active kids who cannot live without walking, which means that now they will have to play catch indoors. You can arrange competitions, for example: who will do the plank longer, who will squat more than once, or who can lift a thing hanging on a chair while standing on their hands. Just do not take this too seriously and reasonably assess your strengths.

10. Don’t forget to rest

Do not forget that your main task is not to set new world records, but simply to maintain a healthy level of activity. So, pay attention to how you eat and the quality of your sleep. Change bed linens more often and do not abuse alcohol – all this will contribute to being active in the morning and will activate the desire to move.