If you have to work at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is probably difficult to work with distractions like relatives and the kitchen. However, you can focus on your work with a great and suitable playlist. Two of the top streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify, make music compilations for all tastes. And we carefully chose some of the best ones for you!

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music has a super convenient and flexible categorization of playlists by mood and purpose. To find music for work, go to the “Browse” section of the app, scroll down to “Music by Mood,” and choose “Focus.”

We chose several playlists in different genres that you can work to:

1. Piano Bar

Do you like the piano? You will undoubtedly appreciate the Piano Bar.

2. Jazz Chill

If you prefer jazz, check out Jazz Chill.

3. Classical Chill

For lovers of classics and quiet tunes, we have the Classical Chill playlist.

4. All the Way Up

If you prefer working to something groovier and more energetic, listen to this one.

5. Easy Hits

Famous pop music of different decades, from The Beatles to Ellie Goulding.

6. Speakin’ Easy

A similar playlist but with country music.

7. Easy Rock

And this one is for fans of rock music.

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Spotify also has a fairly worthy categorization of playlists by mood and interests. Just like in other services, in most cases compilations are broken down by genre.

1. Workday Soul

If you like hearty soul music, be sure to listen to Workday Soul.

2. Beats to think to

Do you prefer techno and tech-house, but forced self-isolation deprived you of a rave? Check out Beats to think to, then!

3. Pure Mellow Jazz

For lovers of jazz that warms the soul, there is an excellent compilation called Pure Mellow Jazz.

4. Focus Flow

If the main thing for you is the beats, and you don’t care whether your musical tastes coincide with those of your neighbors — you might like the instrumental hip-hop in Focus Flow.

5. Deep Focus

Deep Focus is for fans of post-rock and fans of nostalgia for crazy times.

6. Rain Sounds

If you are more comfortable working to something neutral and calm, there is a Rain Sounds playlist with the sounds of rain. And we also have an article about walking in the rain!

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7. Sunny Beat

The inspiring and awakening beats of the Sunny Beats will help you wake up and tune into your working mood.