It is becoming dangerous to sneeze nowadays since people can take you for someone who is sick with COVID-19. A degree of the coronavirus pandemic situation concern has risen to its limit. But oddly enough, this cute old habit of people to sneeze can tell a lot about their personality. Fortunately, not about their salary or how many times they tricked their boss, but about their character.

1. The Silent Sneezer

Characteristics: This person is more likely to burst than make the notorious “achoo” sound. These people drive a sneeze into themselves and then try hard to suppress it while tormenting in agony. If the treacherous urge still manages to break out into the world, this sneezer will apologize for it long and hard.

What does this say about the person?

They are restrained and considerate but, at the same time, can defend their beliefs if needed. These people won’t give you any trouble or bring any hustle and bustle. They don’t want to attract others’ attention or take part in other people’s lives. It would be nice for them to pump their self-confidence.

2. The Sneeze General

Characteristics: If this person gets down to business, there’s a two hundred percent chance he/she will get the job done. These people produce a loud and great sneeze, making it heard in a neighboring galaxy (that is why aliens are in no hurry to formally contact us). Such people are incredibly proud of the volume and capacity of their tanks. As a rule, these are men who consider themselves alpha males.

What does this say about the person?

That you need to beware of them. All these “achoo!” sounds are there for a reason. This way, they demonstrate the real threat posed by their owner.

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3. The Average Sneezer

Characteristics: Yes, they sneeze out loud. What’s the big deal? As a barrier between themselves and the outside world, they may use the palms. But they also may not want to use them.

What does this say about the person?

They are self-confident and clearly know that they have the right to sneeze as much as they want. But at the same time, they do not forget to be polite with the people around them.

4. The Elbow Sneezer

Characteristics: Wet spots on the sleeves of sweaters, jackets, office, and straitjackets.

What does this say about the person?

This person does everything according to the rules and as it should be. If they’ve been told that they had to cover their sneeze so as not to spread the viruses around the world, then they will do that. The dark side of it: they are inept at making decisions, and it is difficult for them to do it on their own.

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5. The Multiple Times Sneezer

Characteristics: Birds rushed away from the trees, and doctors with COVID-19 tests, on the contrary, are rapidly running to the sound of a repetitive sneeze. Sneezing repetitively means sneezing two to five times in a row, and many owners of this ability are extremely proud of it and consider it a gift.

What does this say about the person?

That they love being in the spotlight.

6. The Ninja Sneezer

Characteristics: This person sneezes and neither hides nor shows it on display. After they sneeze, these people pretend that nothing happened. They try to hide the traces of the crime and pretend to be doing nothing of the kind.

What does this say about the person?

That they should be more confident or at least pretend to. You know, fake it till you make it, as they say.