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Today, on February 9, the world celebrates an unusual holiday – World Pizza Day. The Internet Protocol team has gathered a bunch of interesting facts about the Italian national dish.

  • NASA is developing a 3D printer that could “print” dough in space for astronauts.
  • The first pizzeria in history began its work in Naples in the 18th century and was called Pizzeria Antica PortʼAlba. There were only two pizza options on the menu: Margherita and Marinara.
  • Pizza hit the Guinness Book of Records. An employee of the famous restaurant chain Domino's made three large pizzas in less than 50 seconds.
  • The most popular pizza ingredient is pepperoni. Pepperoni gets added into about 36% of the pizzas that are sold.
  • Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada.

According to online surveys, 78% of people around the world consider pizza their favorite dish.