Should you include a photo on your resume? This is a question no HR manager or recruiter has a definite answer to. We tried to figure out whether the presence of a photo on a resume is important, and what the photo should look like in order to attract the attention of the potential employer.

Should I put my photo on my resume?

It is difficult to say for sure whether everyone must attach a photo to their resume, but sometimes you definitely cannot do without a photo. For example, the positions of HR manager, hostess, secretary, sales assistant, or sales manager involve constant communication with people, so the candidate's appearance plays a vital role in these jobs. You can also include your photo on a resume if you apply for remote work to win over a recruiter or employer.

What do employers think of photos on a resume?

According to research, 88% of recruiters consider all resumes, regardless of a photo's presence. Only 4% of recruiters do not open a resume without a photo. 71% of employers believe that a good resume photo helps in employment.

So how to choose an effective photo for your CV?

When choosing a photo for your resume, pay attention to the following points:

1. Make sure the photo is high-resolution and high-quality

A poor-quality photo and a high-quality photo

Grainy and blurry photos are no-good for a resume.

2. Choose portraits, not full-length photos

A full-length photo and a portrait

The purpose of a resume photo is to show your face, the most important part of your appearance.

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3. Photos from parties or vacations are inappropriate

A photo from a party and an average photo

Applicants add all kinds of photos on their resumes: group photos (probably offering recruiters to try and guess which of these people is a candidate), photos in swimsuits and revealing outfits, bathroom selfies, etc. Serious candidates do not do that.

4. Passport photos will not do

A passport photo and a less formal photo

It would seem that a passport photo is the embodiment of seriousness, which means it is perfect for a resume, but it is not. Photos like these can seem too formal, and the faces in passport photos are often very tense.

5. The photo should be up-to-date

A photo of a young man and a photo of an old man

It's a little strange if a recruiter sees a photo of a burning brunette with a bob haircut in a resume, but a girl with blue dreadlocks comes to the interview. Make sure your resume photo keeps up with your changes in appearance and age.

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6. Do not overdo with Photoshop

A photo of a girl with too much Photoshop and an average photo

In pursuit of the perfect shot, don't overdo it with enhancements. You're not on Tinder.

7. Take a photo specifically for your resume

A photo with bad lighting and a photo with good lighting

If you cannot find a suitable photo for your resume in the archive, do not be lazy to arrange a mini-photo session for yourself. Call a friend with skilled hands, choose an outfit, and take high-quality shots with good lighting.