It may seem like it is not that easy and requires much effort, but in reality, it's not hard to make someone hate you, whether it's online or real-life interaction. Don't worry, we'll make it easier for you to move along the road of universal hatred!

1. Post a lot of photos on social media

Don't limit yourself to recent vacation photos, post the ones from past vacations as well. You will see that the number of likes will decrease soon, and only the most devoted friends (that is, those who owe you money) will not unfriend you. But be careful! A large number of photos of your cat can lead to the opposite effect – a hail of likes and you being more likable. Yeah, cats rule the world now.

2. Have a lot of friends on social media

"Well, who wants to be my friend here? Toronto laser hair removal? Great! We're friends now! And who's that? The cousin of the guy who got drunk at last year's corporate party and set the tree on fire with a fire extinguisher? Yay! I'll friend him, too!"

Nothing makes other people more suspicious than a person having several thousand friends on Facebook.

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3. Tell them something personal right after you meet them

Don't be shy about your childhood fears, adult illnesses, and midnight fantasies. As soon as you were introduced to a person, tell them everything about it. Let the person feel such awkwardness and discomfort that they have never experienced before. In the end, you won't see each other again.

4. Grovel before them

People say that the world treats you the way you treat yourself. And we did not make that up. That is true: the more people humiliate themselves, grovel before others and point out their own mistakes to others, the faster those around them will begin to believe all that.

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5. Ask a lot of questions, but keep your mouth shut

"Where did you go on vacation? What was your flight number? Have you checked your luggage? Do you have any boarding passes? I would love to take a picture of them… Yes, for no reason. What color did you say the towels were in the room?"

Do not be afraid to seem intrusive and unpleasant, because this is what you strive for! Ask as many questions as you can think of.

6. Hide your emotions

People tend to like those who share emotions with them, be it sadness or joy. So, if a cat in a panda suit ran into the room and everyone adores it, try to be as serious and grumpy as you can. Make it look like it did not resonate with you at all and did not change your life forever.