If your destiny has somehow brought you to the dating site, then the main thing you should remember is to keep your sanity. Think with your brain instead of your dick because in 8 cases out of 10 girls are not babes in the woods at all.

Yesterday, we published an article about two classic methods of fooling men on dating websites. Now we are about to tell you about the 6 main rules that will protect you from the dark forces (or the swindler bitch).

Rule no. 1

First thing, check all the information. If you cannot find a girl on any social media and she only has an account on the dating website, well, this is suspicious. Usually, only 15% of users check the information about the person they talk to. We hope that you’re not one of them. Try search by image, because swindlers typically use photos of girls who are well-known in narrow circles and who are kind of microbloggers or just local beauties.

Rule no. 2

Feel free to ask questions. Swindlers tend to use specific patterns eagerly. They talk too much about love and all and completely ignore other topics and issues (but you realize that there may be a bearded man hiding behind a pretty face, right?).

Rule no. 3

Don’t send your nudes. Just don’t do that. It’s easy to blackmail you with them, and you don’t want your coworkers, or God forbid relatives to see your soldier, do you? Better show it in person (and again, don’t start with your “bargaining chip”, you’re a gentleman).

Rule no. 4

Create a separate mailbox for chatting. In case if something goes wrong, it’ll be easy to tie up loose ends.

Rule no. 5

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Arrange a video call in any messenger. Swindlers may tell you that they live in another state or even abroad. They may tell you how bright your encounter will be, but only if you send them some money to buy a ticket. That is why we recommend you to make a video call and take a screenshot of your madam’s face. Just for the evidence base and for the cops.

Rule no. 6

Don’t transfer any money. It’s the ultimate goal of all swindlers. Yes, you may want to please the girl and buy her flowers or a gadget, but you better do it face to face, and it is even better to take it slow. If you can’t wait, flower delivery might help. Sometimes especially arrogant gals ask you to give them money for the bouquet, meaning that they can buy it for themselves and therefore save on courier delivery. This is a lie.

And for Last:

To counteract the swindlers, many dating websites have a team of specialists who verify the authenticity of personal photos and delete questionable accounts. When necessary, reach out to them. We wish you to meet the love of your life and not fall into the “love trap” of a swindler.