If you have paranoia, this doesn’t mean that nobody’s spying on you. And if all this time you’ve been covering your laptop camera with tape and everybody considered you paranoid because of this, you can reasonably laugh in their faces. That’s because Facebook has plenty of interesting patents for snooping. For instance, a patent that can activate a microphone on your gadget upon a signal and thus collect data about users without them knowing it. Although they probably wrote about this in small print on the 100th page of the user agreement. Facebook’s executives deny everything, but facts are clearly not in their favor.

1. Facebook tracks how you are doing with your personal life

Patent 14/295.543 will allow Facebook to analyze how many times you visited the pages of which people, how many friends of which gender you have, and also what your profile photo looks like, to draw conclusions about your personal life. This is pretty much the same as what your ex does, but now artificial intelligence will do it.

2. Facebook track who you spend time with

Patent 8.472.662 allows Facebook to associate images with cameras with which they were taken and even track the unique characteristics of devices: dead pixels, micro-scratches on the matrix, and others. This allows Facebook to identify connections between users who do not communicate on a social network but are still not just randomly added friends.

It’s hard to understand, but in simple terms, for example, let's consider the following situation. You don’t communicate with your girlfriend on Facebook, but you took a photo on her brand-new iPhone with a good camera, and she also took a photo that day, and then you published the whole thing, so Facebook made some conclusions.

3. Facebook tracks what you watch on TV

Patent 14/985.089 activates the microphone on the gadgets in which Facebook is installed after a low-frequency signal from the TV. This way, Facebook finds out what shows you’ve been watching. This is done so that advertisers can customize the content more precisely. But theoretically, Facebook can record what you were talking about while watching TV.

Facebook Labeled About 50 Million Fake Posts About Coronavirus in April
In its April report, Facebook said it found 50 million posts with fake information related to the novel coronavirus in April. In March, 40 million messages were detected.

4. Facebook tracks what your daily routine is

The highest point of total surveillance is patents 14/985.089 and 15/203.063. They monitor users’ daily routines and everyday habits. Facebook will know where you spent the night, what time you went to bed, and that you wrote to your wife saying that you were going to a museum, but instead went into the reading room! You can get goosebumps because of it, and we have the same fears.

5. Facebook tracks how mentally healthy you are

Pretending to be normal is getting harder and harder! And all because of the patent 9.740.752, which creates a psychological portrait of each Facebook user based on the posts on their page. This is necessary in order to show a more suitable advertisement to users.

6. Facebook tracks what awaits you in the future

Facebook will be able to predict the future, thanks to patent 12/839.350. You do not need to take pictures of the lines on your hand or ask questions to tarot cards. It is a thorough analysis of messages, geo-tags, bank transactions, and your other actions. Facebook will not be able to forecast your life for three years ahead, but it can easily tell whether you are going travel, have a baby, or a home renovation in the near future.

Facebook Shared the Data of Inactive Users With Third Parties
Another data leak occurred on Facebook, the giant social media platform. This time, around 5,000 developers received the data of inactive users.