Here are some of the best apps for musicians to help you write, record, perform, and practice music, from handy tuners and metronomes to portable recording studios.


1. GuitarTuna

Available for iOS and Android users

An excellent guitar tuner that can work even in noisy environments. It allows you to quickly tune your instrument before an important concert. As a bonus, the developers have built a metronome and chord library into GuitarTuna.

2. Cleartune

Available for iOS and Android users

The app will help you tune your guitar, cello, and piano.

3. Tuner – gStrings

Available for Android users

This is a versatile chromatic tuner that will help you tune almost any instrument with precision.

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4. HardWire HT-6 FastTune

Available for iOS and Android users

This one is a cool app from Harman, a major speaker manufacturer. It shows not one string, but all at once.

For tabs and notes:

5. Famous Riffs

Available for Android users

A cool app that brings together famous riffs: from Black Sabbath and AC/DC to Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker. Examples are shown as tablatures, so beginners can easily learn snippets of their favorite songs and hone their skills.

6. Guitar Pro

Available for iOS and Android users

With the help of Guitar Pro, it is convenient not only to learn the parts, but also to take notes on the go. In addition, thanks to the huge number of instruments, you can record an entire song and listen to how it sounds.

7. forScore

Available for iOS users

Save your home or studio from countless pieces of paper with notes. Save everything you need in a PDF format on your iPad.

8. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Available for iOS and Android users

The app features parts not only for the guitar, but also for other instruments.

9. MuseScore

Available for iOS and Android users

This one is a functional (and free if you are an Android user) music book.


10. Metronome – Tap Tempo & Rhythm

Available for iOS users

It’s a precise metronome with the ability to adjust tact and intervals.

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11. The Metronome by Soundbrenner

Available for iOS users

It’s an excellent metronome with many useful features. Apart from various settings, it supports synchronization between several devices. This will come in handy if you are in a band.

Drum machines:

12. DM1

Available for iOS users

A functional drum machine for the iPad. You can compose beats on the go even without drumming skills.

13. Drum Machine

Available for Android users

This one is perfect for beginner musicians. You can jot down the beat literally without any special knowledge using presets.


14. GarageBand

Available for iOS users

A powerful tool for all musicians. It doesn't matter if you want to do a quick sketch or record a full track. You can use both electronic and real instruments, and then mix tracks on your iMac or MacBook.

15. GuitarToolkit

Available for iOS users

It has a tuner, a metronome, and a collection of chords. Plus, you can pick up a simple beat if you're tired of the monotonous metronome.

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16. Perfect Ear

Available for Android users

An excellent application for the development of auditory skills, a real find for self-taught musicians. In the free version, you will find exercises with chords, intervals, and scales.

17. SoundCloud

Available for iOS and Android users

A must-have service for all musicians. In the Internet world, you don't need to look for producers and run around studios. Of course, when you get to a certain level, you will need them. However, in the beginning, you can get by with SoundCloud.