Tired of meeting people in bars and then waking up with aspirin instead of that blonde? Try social media! There, you can find a person and build a relationship with them, too.

1. Specify the purpose

Ask yourself what you want. A short-term affair? A whirlwind romance with desire and passion? If you hear incoherent mooing in response, then stop talking to yourself. But listen to this this: a woman needs to understand from the very beginning in which of the many life's dead ends you are trying to lead her.

2. Be creative

Studies have shown that women value intelligence and a sense of humor in men. Do not ask primitive questions, but proceed from the peculiarities of her profile: her favorite music, movies, etc. That is, instead of the banal "How are you?" ask: "How do you like the last role of Ryan Gosling?"

A Study Says Around 48% of US Couples Now First Meet Online
Online dating has almost doubled since 2009. As the researchers explained, society has become more relaxed about the couples that have formed thanks to the Internet.

3. Glow with happiness

This means avoiding phrases like "I'm lonely." After all, she will think in response: "I feel lonely, too. And loneliness times two is too much. No way!"

4. Make a long list

Talk to many girls at once and, as you learn more about each other, turn quantity into quality by reducing the circle of contacts. Just rely on statistics – the result will be achieved by the law of large numbers.