Meta has announced its plans to introduce broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger. Broadcast channels will serve as a public, one-to-many messaging tool, where Page administrators can send updates, conduct polls, and share exclusive content with their followers.

The introduction of broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger is aimed at allowing Page administrators, including creators and public figures, to directly interact and engage with their communities. These channels will offer features such as polls for gathering instant feedback, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and authentic expression through voice notes.

Page administrators in regions where broadcast channels are available can create channels directly from their Facebook Page. If you follow a Facebook Page that has set up a broadcast channel, you'll get a message inviting you to join. Once you're in, you'll start getting updates directly from the Page. You won't be able to post messages yourself, but you can show that you like what they share and participate in polls they create.

Broadcast Channels on Instagram Will Now Be Available Globally
The launch of broadcast channels on Instagram opens up new opportunities for creators to interact with their followers, fostering a more dynamic and engaging platform for content dissemination and interaction.

The feature, initially available on Instagram and WhatsApp, has gained popularity by providing creators with a more intimate way to connect with their followers. While the expansion to Facebook and Messenger offers new possibilities for engagement, it also raises questions about cross-platform functionality and the potential for duplicated notifications.

Meta hopes that this feature will make communication between Pages and followers more engaging. They plan to release it in the next few weeks, so you might see an option to join these channels on Facebook and Messenger soon.