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It is believed that men and women are different. Women, in turn, draw conclusions and try to prove that all men are the same. Yes, they may have common habits that strike the eye, like throwing a ball from behind their head, undressing “like a man,” lolling on the sofa, or sitting with their legs wide open. For their part, there are many stories where scientists’ research doesn’t work.

1. Pet food manufacturer decided to prove that his product is of high quality and ate nothing but dog food for 30 days

What are manufacturers ready to do to prove that their products can be trusted? Mitch Felderhoff from Texas runs Muenster Milling, a company that produces high-quality dog food and treats as well as horse and chicken food. His experiment goes beyond common sense: for thirty days, the man ate nothing but dog food produced by his company.

Mitch’s experiment lasted from January 3 to February 2. With the help of his experience, the businessman tried to prove that his products are good for animals and promote his company at the same time. Judging by the results, he did better than professional marketers.

When Mitch and his wife went on a trip to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their life together, the man realized that the time to do something crazy and beyond his comfort zone had finally come. He looked at his wife and said: “When we get back, I’m only eating our dog food for 30 days.” And she supported him.

In fact, Mitch was supported by many: children, parents, colleagues, subscribers in social networks, friends, a doctor, a nutritionist, and even a pastor. The first days were not easy for the man. The taste of god food is not quite the best for a person. Anyway, he was being creative: he soaked the food in water, stewed it, and grilled it.

One day, he even had to refrain from any food during the day at all. Before that, the journalists visited him, he overate and started feeling sick. However, he did not question his product. Instead, he made sure that overeating was harmful.

After 20 days of his challenge, Mitch said that he had lost 9 kilos and felt fantastic. This whole time, he wasn’t drinking alcohol and also gave up coffee. The man assures that he has never had such confidence in his products. “I feel like I’m living the life I was meant to live, even if it means I’m eating dog food,” the man wrote.

By the end of his new diet, the man said that he’d lost 14 kilos and made sure that his dog food was good.

2. A man cuts thick books in half and tells why it’s not blasphemy, but a cool life hack

Twitter user Alex Christofi complained to his readers that his friend calls him a “book murderer.” It turns out that Alex cuts thick book in half to make them smaller and lighter. The man doesn’t like carrying heavy loads with him, so this life hack significantly makes his life easier.

Twitter users ambiguously reacted to this approach and expressed their opinion.

Alex is actually related to books in a way – he’s a writer. That is why he is highly interested in everything that is connected with books. The man supported his point of view and his approach by saying that otherwise, bulky volumes would gather dust on the shelves and remain unread. He believes that the main thing about the book is its story, not a cover or binding. The best compliment for an author is when a person reads his/her books, rather than stores them in a closet.

3. Putting two and one together: two American women married one guy

Californians held a wedding ceremony, which was attended by two brides and one groom. A lot of male guests probably envied the guy when the girls said “yes” to their loved one. We cannot say for sure, though.

Even though it is hard to surprise someone with non-standard weddings nowadays, this one still stands out for its unusualness. Two girls became wives to one guy – such marriage format impressed many tolerant Americans who are used to everything, and inhabitants of other countries – even more so.

31-year-old Vanessa and 35-year-old Jimmy have known each other since school. The couple has been seeing each other for a long time until the girl admitted bisexuality. This coming out changed everything.

Jimmy did not interfere with his lover’s relationships with other girls, and after a while, Vanessa introduced him to her chosen one – 25-year-old Summer. Of course, Jimmy was not against this twist and generously proposed their new passion to live together. If there’s one, the second will come, you know. Summer accepted the proposal, and the triad began living happily ever after in their polyamorous relationship.

They had fun together until the girls wanted to get married. Last spring, Jimmy proposed to both of them and organized an unofficial wedding ceremony. Numerous friends and relatives came to the wedding of this trinity, but it’s not all rosy. For instance, Jimmy’s parents did not approve of their son’s choice and ignored this important event.

On the contrary, the parents of the young bride Summer came to the wedding with pleasure and admitted that after looking at their happy daughter, they decided to have a polyamorous relationship, too. The marriage is not legally executed, of course, because polygamy is not allowed in California. However, the trouple considers themselves a real family. Both the girls and the guy hope that, over time, their relatives will take the fact that there are three of them in this marriage as given, although they understand that for many Orthodox people, it will be difficult, if at all possible.