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String quartet gave a concert for plants

For several months of strict quarantine measures, nature has healed to such an extent that strange things began to happen in the cities. For instance, in Barcelona, the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house gave a concert for plants after its opening. The show was attended by 2,292 spectators in pots, for which they played a miniature of Giacomo Puccini's Chrysanthemums.

With this concert, the conceptual artist Eugenio Ampudia wanted to show the importance of nature surrounding us, which really flourished while people were sitting at home.

After the concert, all the “spectators” should be presented to doctors who have been fighting the coronavirus all this time.

Guess who's in the video: Kate Beckinsale or Freddie Mercury

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In her Instagram account, Kate published a video in which she and her friends, activist Markus Molinari, comedian Brendan Scannell and stylist and TV presenter Jonathan Voluck, recreated the video clip of the song I Want To Break Free. As it is expected, Kate Beckinsale played Freddie Mercury in the video. The video was recorded remotely since, after recent protests, the number of coronavirus cases has increased in the United States. The video is dedicated to the Pride month.

A two-month-old baby squirrel is beatboxing

What sounds do you think a 2-month-old squirrel makes? A Swedish zoologist who brings up four tiny squirrels and is known on Twitter under the nickname @DaniConnorWild will help you answer this question. She brought the microphone close to the 7-week-old baby squirrel and recorded the sounds that it makes when eating a nut. The video with sound became viral at record speed: in two days, it was retweeted more than 200 thousand times, liked 780 thousand times, and watched 12.5 million times altogether. We must admit – we may have something to do with a couple of thousand views. And when you turn up the volume and press play, you’ll understand why.

Otter fight for a place on a stump

King of the Hill is a game under different names, but with the same essence, known in all countries around the world. It is believed that our ancestors played it in primitive times. The player’s task in the game is to occupy the top of a mountain, a hill, or even a bump. Other players need to push him/her from this hill without causing serious injuries. It turns out that animals also play King of the Hill quite successfully.

On its official page, the Milwaukee County Zoo published a video in which three otters selflessly fight for a place on a stump. An excellent observation post opens from the stump, so there is something to fight for. As the zoo workers emphasized, the brawl arranged by the animals on a stump is just entertainment. They were not going to injure each other and just had a great time.

A smart dog came up with a sophisticated way to take away a treat

Let us retell what is happening in the dry language of letters: there were two dogs, a large and a small one. Suddenly, an unknown hand appeared out of the blue and laid a treat in front of each. Then an agile little dog carefully covered the large dog with a blanket, including its head, and ate both of the proposed treats, its own, and the neighbor's. A question to the audience: how do you explain what is happening? Is it savvy or a planned racket operation?

The version of the action movie with Chris Hemsworth, filmed by Nigerian teens, gained 10 million views

A multi-million-dollar budget, media support, and George Clooney in the lead role are not at all a guarantee that filmmakers will get a decent product. Sometimes, in order to create a masterpiece, you can completely do without all this.

Today we want to tell you about a teenage film crew from Nigeria, which shoots trailers for famous films and music videos. As props, they use whatever they can get their hands on, and the result is not embarrassing at all to show at the cinema before real feature films. Here's what an amateur trailer for the movie Jumanji: The Next Level with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looks like.

For example, in April of this year, Will Smith checked out their version of the trailer for the comedy-action movie Bad Guys for Life, where he starred.

The guys’ new work, a re-thinking of the trailer of the action movie Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation with Chris Hemsworth, gained 10 million views in a couple of days.

Short cartoons out of memes

All people can be divided into conditional and not quite equal three groups:

  1. Those who believe memes are good as they are.
  2. Those who get perplexed when they hear the word “meme” and keep silent.
  3. Those who believe that no matter how good the meme is, it can still be improved.

Artist Kévin Gemin (creative nickname Kéké) seems to just belong to the third group. Kéké animates memes. And thanks to him, we can enjoy these funny animations.