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Gucci Surf: Become a surfer and collect all the plastic in the ocean

Gucci Surf

Gucci has released the browser game called Gucci Surf. The game is about a surfer who collects plastic in the ocean and tries to save marine life. The more points the hero gets, the more clothes and accessories are available to him. This video game is part of the Gucci manifesto. The fashion house has already revised its processes to make the brand more sustainable.

KFC has launched a chicken wing flavored lipstick

KFC has launched a lipstick flavored with its signature spicy hot chicken wings. It is only available in one shade, which is called Bucket Red. Thanks to the WingProof technology, the lipstick will last a meal of wings. The lipstick line is limited to only 400 pieces. But you can get one of them for free if you fill out an application on the website and participate in the prize draw. You need to fill out a form before August 11.

Penguins at the British Zoo were presented with a soap bubble generator

The penguins at the British Newquay Zoo were given a bubble machine so that they would not get bored.

Hurry up and watch a touching video of how hilariously penguins put their tiny feet, one in front of the other, to catch bubbles

Viral auditory illusion on TikTok: you hear the word you read

Netizens are perplexed again, this time because of the auditory illusion when you hear the word you are reading. So, meet “Green needle vs. Brainstorm”. The auditory illusion went viral on TikTok and quickly spread to other social media.


Watch it twice and try both words 🙌 ##mindblown ##greenneedle ##brainstorm ##greenneedleorbrainstorm

♬ Shoutout to the dead creators using this for likes - redlobsterz

The mysterious sound isn't really new. This is how a strange toy for children sounds like:

Well, the cherry on top of this illusion cake is what the toy actually says in the original. And this, which is quite symbolic, is Brainstorm.

The video of a dog who shared its food with a horse touched netizens

If the way to its heart is through its stomach, this horse is madly in love with his dog friend. After all, it brings the subject of its passion some delicacies every day. As you can see in the video, the dog happily runs across the road to bring the horse a carrot.

George Martin’s fans are ready to imprison him. But for now, they attack him with memes

A year ago, George Martin allowed himself to be sent into captivity if he did not finish a new book by next summer. As you can see, the book is still not ready, and the fans want revenge! Everyone’s been waiting for the penultimate volume of A Song of Ice and Fire entitled The Winds of Winter since 2011, but the book is still not there. Of course, the deadline is nearing, and Martin was reminded of the same post about his permission to imprison him in a house by a lake with sulfuric acid. The fans took his words very seriously.