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South Park creators will release an hour-long episode about the COVID-19 pandemic

The creators of the South Park animated series will release a special episode dedicated to COVID-19. The episode will be released on September 30, and for the first time in the 23-year history of the series, it will last one hour. The episode dedicated to the troubles of 2020 will be available on HBO Max within 24 hours of its premiere on Comedy Central.

Scientists have figured out how an alligator sounds after inhaling helium and received an award for it

Scientists have tested the theory of how alligators communicate with each other. Presumably, alligators and other reptiles communicate their body size and power during the mating season through vocalizations in the vocal tract. Scientists have tried to prove that the roar sounds lower if the reptile is large. The experimental female alligator surprised scientists after inhaling helium. She did not squeak like people or other animals – she made a belching sound. For their scientific work, the team of researchers received 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars (4 cents) and the Ig Nobel Prize.

The squirrel "broke" because of a whole handful of nuts

When the squirrel was offered a handful of nuts, it seemed like it had Vietnamese flashbacks and froze, remembering the burning helicopters, traps in the jungle, and the smell of napalm. However, the comments explain that everything is much simpler: the cries of some bird of prey are clearly audible in the video, and in this case, it is only natural for a squirrel to freeze.

Swans support the idea of wearing masks

Let's not forget about the coronavirus pandemic and the means of protection. Even swans know how to properly wear a mask and set an example for others.

Meme of the week: funny photos of animals made through glass windows and drinking glass

Twitter user Liney ‘yearny on main’ Line has created a thread that is impossible not to scroll to the end: it consists of funny photos of animals taken through the glass. It turned out pretty funny!