As NASA reported, Hubble optics managed to discover and catch the picture of the spiral galaxy, which already earned the name of a "portal to another dimension."

No, it's not the beginning of the Samsung company promo campaign or the leaked photos of another space-adventure film but the real cosmic marvel. The Hubble telescope took a picture of the galaxy NGC 4380, and it really looks mesmerizing "like a special effect from a sci-fi movie." The space agency says the universe sits approximately 64-million of light-years away from the Earth and spins in a spiral. Also, NASA scientist claim that this kind of galaxies is the commonplace in the space explaining that we're looking on the hardly-countable, enormous clusters of hundreds of billions of stars.

"Graceful spiral arms outlined by dark lanes of dust wind around the bulging core, which glows brightly and has the highest concentration of stars in the galaxy."

Amid the latest updates, NASA developed the spacesuits for flights to the Moon and Mars which differ from those Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin used in the Apollo program.