Apple will conduct online-broadcasting on their YouTube channel. We hadn't such an opportunity before. Apple always broadcasted it on its site But last year, Apple also showed it on Twitter; in a result, they increased previews.

The special event will be held on September 10 at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino. The slogan in the invitation states "By innovation only". We are eagerly waiting for the latest releases.

The September Apple event is usually the highlight of Apple's year. That's when the company launches a new iPhone and update Apple Watch. Also, the company will announce the public release dates for the next versions of macOS and iOS. There are rumours that Apple will introduce a new 16in MacBook Pro, and it may replace the 15in model.

Also, Apple is going to launch some object tracker soon. This small disc or sticker, which applies to keys, wallets and other essential items, and you can track it in the Find My app.

And even new AirPods can be presented, although the AirPods 2 was released earlier in 2019.
We can only wait!