We wrote an article for those who still cannot decide what they want to be when they grow up.

It is impossible to tell with 100% certainty which professions will be in demand in the future. Let's take a look at the previous year's experience: could anyone have predicted a pandemic and the rapid growth in the demand for delivery staff, doctors, e-commerce and food tech specialists?

Experts can make rough forecasts, but technologies and circumstances that are updated annually can make significant adjustments. For example, in 2020, entrepreneurs realized that their business needed an online presence. Accordingly, the demand for website development, marketing strategies formulation, social media marketing, etc., has grown. Of course, all businessmen would gradually grow up to the idea of switching to online, but quarantine and the coronavirus crisis accelerated these processes.

How COVID-19 Will Change Hiring in Silicon Valley
The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted work processes and hiring around the world, and these changes have particularly affected Silicon Valley. In this article, we will tell you how employers’ approach will change after the pandemic is over.

Is it possible to understand which jobs will be in demand in 10-20 years?

We can definitely tell what skills will be the most important in the future:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Systems thinking
  • Programming
  • Multiculturalism and multilingualism
  • Ability to work in uncertain times
The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in the Labor Market in 2021
If you want to build a successful career in 2021, make sure you have these skills. Whatever your profession is, employers are looking for candidates with developed soft skills more and more often.

Professional skills that will be in demand:

  • Big Data (85%)
  • Mobile and web applications (75%)
  • Internet of Things, IoT (75%)
  • Machine learning (73%)
  • Cloud technologies (72%)

As you can see, IT jobs will definitely be in demand in the future, so you can safely build a career in IT.

Here are other areas that will actively develop in the near future: medicine, biotechnology, agriculture (there is less and less food on the planet!), ecology (but there is more and more garbage), energy and resources, transport, nanotechnology, robotics, education.