Making a good impression on a new acquaintance is a normal desire of a person who is worried about their reputation. There are several tips that can help you look charismatic and exciting in the eyes of a stranger. Learn how to use them to get the maximum result with minimum effort.

1. Buy shoes with small heels

Of course, if you are lucky to be born with a height of 190 cm, you do not need artificial growth stimulation. As a reminder for everyone else, it is important to point out that high people subconsciously make the surrounding men feel respect and attract the surrounding women's attention. So when choosing your new shoes, make sure they give you a few extra centimeters of height. It will help.

2. Do not abuse your perfume

What's the point of smearing yourself with perfume if no one smells it? You can't tell people in conversation: "Hey, how do you like the combination of bergamot and patchouli on my velvet skin?" Therefore, many believe that if they want to use perfume, they will use it all. No compromise. And that is a total waste of time: an intense, obsessive scent can discredit its wearer for a long time.

8 Simple Ways to Make People Like You
Did you know that specially worded phrases and non-verbal communication can have a significant impact on people? You can both attract and push away a person. In this article, we will tell you how to make your interlocutor like you.

3. Choose V-neck sweaters

This neckline visually enlarges the shoulders and generally refines the body shape, giving it symmetry.

4. Shape your chin

Women, especially when they are ovulating, judge potential partners not only by the width of the shoulders and the size of the feet, but also by the size and protrusion of the chin. Moreover, it is easy to see it: it is usually on your face. Fortunately, you can shape your own chin with stubble, or hide it forever under a mighty, masculine beard.

5. Watch your posture

A gnarled man mesmerizingly staring at the floor can only make an impression on the ants scurrying below (by the way, where are the ants on the floor from?) The rest will remain cold to his words and opinions. So straighten your back as much as you can. Do your exercises. And just look ahead!