The Facebook social network has already launched testing of a new tool to resist fake accounts, in the words of mobile app expert Jane Manchun Wong from her Twitter post. She explained that the FB team wants to verify users via camera. Thereby, users would have to make a kind of selfie to affirm personality.

You may wonder where all the records will be stored? The system will collect them within 30 days on the server; devices of users are free from that. In general, it’s almost identical to the Apple Face ID. The company stressed that the stored data is out-of-reach for secondary companies.

Wong believes that the new feature is powered by facial recognition tech, which can tell the human face from tree or wall, for example. But FB representatives deflated this fact, adding that verification is carried out through reading traffic to persuade that this is not a bot but live person. Facebook emphasized that it’s a new level of captcha verification.