Every week, our editorial team dugs up the funniest and the most ridiculous bits of news and prepares a compilation of life stories and situations, chucklesome videos, amusing texts, memes, and a variety of jokes and wisecracks to make you grin from ear to ear. Reading our selection of Weekly Fun stuff without a doubt equals having a whale of a time.

In Belgrade, the police raided an underground chess club: “Hold the Grandmaster!”

Finally, the admirers of the gangster entourage had an excellent opportunity to open underground spots, because it’s quarantine. In Belgrade, underground establishments with girls and jazz will not surprise anyone, but chess is definitely something new. Local residents of Belgrade (by the way, it’s in Serbia, for those who didn’t know) complained about an underground club to the police. Having arrived on call, the police discovered a premise in which there were 17 senior citizens. The men were calmly playing chess and dominoes, and the hospitable 70-year-old Serbian Al Capone, a.k.a. the owner of the underground club, was serving alcohol to guests. The policemen had to ruin that perfect moment and arrest the whole company. They were accused of violating several laws at once in a state of emergency. All of them will face hefty fines, and this is that rare case when even chess could become a gambling game.

BBC weather forecast ends with drumming

Owain Wyn Evans, a weather presenter, working for the BBC, broadcasts the weather forecast remotely while sitting at home. Having “domesticated,” Owain decided to tell the audience about his creative skills. The host ended the episode of the weather forecast with a drumming session.

The Quarantine Simpsons

The family follows self-isolation rules, traditionally, on the couch, of course. Only instead of the TV, they use VR headsets.

In virtual reality, Homer is parachuting through giant donuts and hijacks a plane right in the air. Bart is engaged in extreme snowboarding and writes his catchphrase on the slope, “I must not write on a mountain.” Marge is surfing. Lisa is swimming with whales. And Maggie is riding a tricycle through the empty streets of Springfield.

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Try spending Bill Gates’ fortune

What would you spend an extra million dollars on? Or the whole fortune of Bill Gates? How many rockets and castles do you need to buy to squander Bill’s fortune? Play the simulator Spend Bill Gates’ Money – you may not want to be rich anymore after one round of this game.

A groundhog is teasing dogs with pizza

It turns out that a groundhog eating pizza can make any news story ten times better. This was proved by 6abc Action News employees by adding a video of Philadelphia resident Kristin Chalela Bagnell to the news report. Kristin videotaped a groundhog who found a piece of pizza in her trash can and was playing a good knife and fork in front of her perplexed dogs. It is hard to imagine the emotions of the dogs Maggie and Moses when they approached the door and saw that a wild groundhog was rampaging on their territory and eating pizza that they were not allowed to eat!

A dog stole false teeth from the owner

Ben Campbell from Michigan bought himself huge false teeth just for fun (what else to do in quarantine?). Ben’s terrier named Thomas liked this purchase, so he decided to steal the veneers off the table. However, instead of biting them as a decent dog would do, he decided to put them on humanly right. Another dog breeder, having seen such a spectacle, would have decided that he was going crazy. But Ben is not like that. He did the right thing – he grabbed his phone and began recording a video. So, the idea with false teeth turned out to be winning.

Banksy’s wife hates it when he works at home

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. . My wife hates it when I work from home.

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Unable to create on streets, Banksy decided to paint his own restroom. His wife hardly liked it, and Banksy wrote about it on his Instagram.

A disco in a washing machine: some quarantine advice for fans of the club atmosphere

Japanese fans of electronic music came up with an original way to throw a club party at home for one. To do this, you will need a tablet or a smartphone, a speaker, and a washing machine.

A Twitter user with a simple nickname ItOVMQdxVKPaQMW shared this idea on the social network. If you are going to recreate the same atmosphere, try using this video here.

Museums are going crazy, too: curators started sharing creepy exhibits on Twitter

Quarantine not only locked us down but also made museums all over the world close their doors, too.

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The world’s greatest museums have digitized their collections and are inviting visitors for 360-degree overviews, broadcasts of their main exhibitions, and thematic conferences.

There are ways to visit any museums your heart desires online, of course, but that doesn’t seem enough for now. Quarantined curators and staff came up with an idea to share pictures of the creepiest and most unusual objects their galleries and museums feature, and joined the #CuratorBattle on Twitter. The objects include a pigeon heart stuck with pins, a terrifying mermaid, a cursed toy, figures made from crab’s legs, and hair buns of ancient Romans. Ever seen anything weirder or quirkier? We neither.