Every week, our editorial team dugs up the funniest and the most ridiculous bits of news and prepares a compilation of life stories and situations, chucklesome videos, amusing texts, memes, and a variety of jokes and wisecracks to make you grin from ear to ear. Reading our selection of Weekly Fun stuff without a doubt equals having a whale of a time.

Weekly Fun: The Biggest Hollywood Fight and an Arrested Tiger Sculpture
This week’s stories feature a runaway tiger who turned out to be a sculpture, the biggest Hollywood fighting challenge, and a bird that intercepted a rocket flying into a tank.

Schwarzenegger teaches his fans how to stay flexible: top-notch trolling from Iron Arnie

Every now and then, celebrities show and tell how a decent person should keep fit during the quarantine. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to contribute to the overall quarantine fitness craze. He published a video on his Instagram.

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Flexibility is as important as the pump.

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Holding a huge cigar in his mouth, the Terminator of all Earth reminded of how important flexibility is and demonstrated a flexible trick. Well, it was quite funny. Screw that stretch! A sense of humor is where it should be, and that’s the most important thing.

The answer to the question, “Who’s the Boss?” has finally been found: the cat masterly lured the dog into a trap

Throughout history, cats and dogs have been arguing and sorting things out. And will all the dogs’ coolness, cats are winning by a large margin. And there is video evidence for this.

The video was posted by a Twitter user with the nickname @DakotaLameHumor. The video gained 8 million views. Such popularity is not surprising at all, see for yourself.

A dialogue from a Japanese textbook puzzled the users of social networks

If you ever decide to learn some foreign language, be ready to read almost unimaginable dialogs out loud for the first couple of years. Firstly, they are written in a too simple language and occur in unrealistic places with impossible characters. Therefore, the authors of modern textbooks try to spice the dialogues with humor and jokes, sometimes significantly overdoing it. The Japanese Twitter user Meariyn posted one of the dialogues that he had to learn while learning English.

Japanese Twitter users liked the dialogue so much that the tweet gained more than 122 thousand likes, which is quite a lot for Japan. The commentators did not understand why such a dialogue was included in the English textbook.

The best jokes about the newborn Elon Musk’s son X Æ A-12

The head of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, has recently become a father for the sixth time. Elon and his girlfriend, singer Grimes, had a baby boy.

This occasion is rather controversial. Besides, Musk traditionally added fuel to the fire by saying that he was going to name his son X Æ A-12.

Well, let’s put it this way… This is not the most popular name in the galaxy. The problem is that Musk often makes ridiculous jokes and then actually does what he said. The last time, his Twitter jokes ended with the commercial launch of amateur flamethrowers. Some users found it funny.

Some users decided that the name is some kind of code. The Twitter user with the nickname U7wfr0RNuRyolq7 (this one is good at names for sure) decided that Musk encrypted the name Neal in X Æ A-12.

Another user thought it meant Isaiah.

The third assumption was Zane.

Social networks users wondered what X Æ A-12 meant for a long time, but, in the end, Grimes herself decoded the name.

Be that as it may, we wish X Æ A-12 good health, happiness, and to find a school somewhere on planet Earth where he will not be picked on.

Weekly Fun: Middle Ages Memes and 16 Types of Zoom Users
This week’s stories feature how modern memes would look like in the Middle Ages, a famous conductor who turned into a meme, and 16 types of Zoom users.

A mantis bit off the head of a giant murderous hornet and became a hero of social networks

Not so long ago, the world found out about a new scourge – the Asian big murderous hornets.

They are the huge insects that can cause bees genocide or sting a person to death. It seems that it is another gift from 2020 that will not let us feel boring. Killer hornets suddenly began to appear outside of Asia and have already become a big problem for US beekeepers. This world has long needed a new hero, and it looks like we have one. There’s a video on the web in which such a peaceful insect as a mantis bites off the head of the giant hornet. Let’s not dig into someone else’s personal life and find out what happened between them, because everyone knows when mantises bite off heads. The fact remains.

The video went viral in an instant. People of the Internet began to rejoice because they now have a savor! And, of course, they made a bunch of memes.