It seems like Sony and Microsoft have an unexpected competitor in the field of developing consoles. Following the presentations of two new upcoming game consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, KFC Gaming introduced its own “console” dubbed KFConsole.

KFC is a fast-food restaurant company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s the most popular chicken restaurant chain in the world, founded by Harland Sanders over 70 years ago.

The fast-food chain unveiled the new product on June 12, after just one day the design and other details regarding the new-generation PS console were revealed. The KFConsole looks like a bucket of chicken with red accents and has a disc drive and a power button.

Here’s what Josh Benge, Brand Engagement Manager at KFC, said regarding the announcement of KFConsole:

At KFC we’ve been continually astounded by the gaming community’s amazing response to everything we’ve done and we had to give back with something truly incredible. We wanted to give gamers the best gaming experience on the market, with the convenience of a home chicken supply and so the the KFConsole was born. We can’t wait to get into our fans’ hands later this year.

This console, as well as its announcement, certainly looks like a parody on the way Sony and Microsoft present their products. KFConsole may well be just a joke, but the timing is just right for KFC to hype on the news about the two most anticipated gaming consoles.

KFC Gaming is a real Twitter account that publishes posts related to the world of games from time to time. It has been in operation since 2018 and has already gathered more than 120 thousand followers. The fast-food chain also has a YouTube channel with let’s play videos and various game challenges.

KFC marked November 12 as a date of releasing more details related to its console, but who knows, maybe it’s another parody on how PS5 and Xbox Series X constantly get their unveiling dates prolonged, and we probably shouldn’t expect to see a KFC console itself.

KFConsole also features an innovative chicken chamber to cook your meal in while playing, an 11Ghz Zinger processor, cross-platform compatibility, and up to 4K resolutions at 120 frames per second.

Anyway, neither Sony nor Xbox named the release dates of both consoles. So far, it is only known that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be out sometime on the 2020 Holiday season, so the details as to the price may be revealed a while before that.