According to a reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for accurate predictions about Apple products, the Cupertino company may release its own “helmet-type” mixed reality headset as early as next year, as well as AR glasses and contact lenses in the future.

As for AR glasses, Apple can release them only by mid-2025. However, there are no prototypes of this product yet. At the same time, by 2030-2040, Apple intends to create innovative contact lenses, which will also be an AR device.

“We foresee that the helmet product will provide AR and VR experiences, while glasses and contact lens types of products are more likely to focus on AR applications,” Kuo writes in the research note.

Ming-Chi Kuo Shared Predictions About iPhone 13
A reliable Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, revealed details about the iPhone 13 lineup, which will be released next fall. According to Kuo, the 2021 iPhones will retain the new form factor and dimensions of the iPhone 12 line.

According to the analyst, Apple has several prototypes of the headset, which weigh from 200 to 300 grams, and if the tech giant manages to solve a number of technical problems, the helmet will ultimately “lose weight” to 100-200 grams. The final cost of such a product can be up to $1,000.

According to Kuo, the headset will be able to offer users an immersive experience that is “significantly better” than the helmets that are currently on the market offer. The gadget will likely use Sony's micro-OLED displays and will be able to operate independently of the iPhone.

Apple May Ditch the Lightning Port in 2021 iPhone Lineup
One of the upcoming changes that the Cupertino company plans to implement is to ditch the Lightning connector in favor of a full transition to wireless charging technology.

“We believe that Apple may highly integrate this helmet with video-related applications (e.g., Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, etc.) as one of the key selling points,” said Ming-Chi Kuo.

Various media outlets have previously reported the release of Apple's VR headset by 2022. According to The Information, it will feature dual 8K displays and more than 12 cameras to capture surroundings and track hand movements. The Information also provided a rendering based on an internal Apple image of a headset's late-stage prototype.

A rendering based on an internal Apple image of a late-stage prototype of the headset
Image: The Information