YouTube, a popular video-sharing platform, intends to reduce the number of videos that disseminate false facts about the connection of 5G technology with the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus 5G conspiracy theories seem to have taken control over people's minds

Google will completely remove conspiracy videos that violate the policy of the service. At the same time, YouTube may leave some conspiracy videos about 5G technology on the platform, but only those that do not mention coronavirus. Such videos will remain on YouTube as "borderline content." However, such videos may be excluded from the search results, and their promotion through the service tools will be suspended.

The video hosting administration made this decision after some 5G towers were set on fire last week in the UK. At the same time, four arson attacks were recorded in one day.

A series of arson attacks was recorded after another conspiracy theory began to spread on the web, telling users about the connection between 5G towers and the coronavirus pandemic. What's interesting is that one of the towers that were set on fire did not even support 5G.

The representative of YouTube said that the service has a clear policy prohibiting videos that promote medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment.

The representative also claimed that the service has begun to cut back on borderline content recommendations, such as conspiracy theories related to 5G and coronavirus, which can mislead users in destructive ways.