2020 witnessed a plethora of changes, particularly with tech companies cementing their place on the market. I expect more of the same as I head into 2021. Before discussing the 15 companies to look for in 2021, you ought to be aware of four major industries that have drastically affected online presence, leads, and revenue generation. These four industries are Email Marketing, eCommerce, CyberSecurity, and Customer Experience.

Email Marketing

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With the advent of content marketing and the gradual downfall of traditional marketing methods, email marketing has become an integral cog in every effective marketing strategy. Any company that has a significant fanbase has a solid email marketing strategy in place. Here’s why:

  • Email marketing helps you sell and educate your prospect. Gone are the days of spamming your prospects with ads. Today’s marketing involves educating and informing your potential customer.

  • Email marketing helps you build trust. If you want to stand out in a sea of businesses across all sectors, you need to establish trust and credibility to ensure long-term success.

According to a report by Omnisend, 2020 saw a significant increase in the email open rates from Jan 1st to April 26th during the post-COVID time. For this study,

  • Pre-COVID time: Jan 1st - March 15th
  • Post-COVID time: March 16th - April 26th


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Given our obsession with convenience in this day and age, customers are no longer interested in time-consuming purchases or cumbersome payment procedures. Instead, they want to shop from the comfort of their own homes, spending as little time shopping as possible.

This is where eCommerce comes into play. eCommerce helps you:

  • Reach a broader audience
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Improve your shopper’s experience

The pandemic has irrevocably changed eCommerce. Since COVID swept the world in 2020, there has been a surge in online shopping since people did not want to step out of the house unless necessary. According to Louis Columbus from Forbes, there has been a 146% growth in all retail orders.


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With millions of consumers, businesses, content creators, etc. on the internet every day, it is vital to protect your data, especially considering how smartphones are more vulnerable than most other devices. This is where CyberSecurity finds its place.

There has been a spike in cyber attacks since COVID-19 forced businesses to adopt new work practices like remote working. With most companies unprepared for an event like this, it is unsurprising that we need more CyberSecurity now than ever before.

Customer Experience

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Back in the day, it was all about creating and selling an excellent product. Then came the need to provide products and services. Customer Experience used to be a way to stand out from your competition. However, it is a vital cog of every business in this day and age.

The standard of customer service has been going up for a long time now. With the pandemic in place and millions of customers shopping online, ensuring a stellar customer experience is imperative. Failing to provide an excellent customer experience will hamper your chances of boosting your brand and revenue in the long-run.

15 Companies to Look For In 2021:

Now that you know a thing or two about the major industries and their role in the Post-COVID digital age, here are 15 companies to look out for in 2021:

1. UrbanVPN

It is vital to keep your data safe and intact from hackers and anyone else who may exploit it in this day and age. UrbanVPN, a NY-based company, has one of the largest global virtual private networks that are still free, making it an excellent data protection solution.

If you want an increase in browsing speed, more access to blocked content, and complete anonymity, check out what they have to offer.

2. Ongage

Email marketing is a vital tool to increase your leads and conversions, and this is where a stellar email marketing platform by the Israeli StartUP Ongage comes into play. You can use Ongage to route your emails through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Relays, Email Service Providers (ESP), and Mail Transfer Agents (MTA).

3. Okiano

Okiano is an Israel-based eCommerce marketing automation solution. It helps business owners automate, optimize, and streamline their digital publishing. Okiano bases its marketing automation on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to handle your marketing campaigns and online store.

4. Omnisend

Here’s another marketing automation solution you ought to look into. Omnisend helps you handle your email marketing, SMS, your store, and much more with ease. If you want to boost your sales, get on this platform immediately.

5. HyperSKU

Dropshipping has become popular over the last few years because it does not require the business owner to maintain a stock of goods. If you fit this category, you ought to go for an easy-to-use, comprehensive dropshipping platform like HyperSKU.

6. Revuze

As discussed earlier, customer experience is crucial to your success as a business in the digital age. You can get to the root cause of your consumer problems using Revuze’s qualitative eCommerce opinion insights to better understand your customers.

7. Wizer

Rarely can you make a significantly profitable business decision without adequate data. Crucial business decisions are best made when you have a sizable chunk of reliable information to back them. Use Wizer to support your business decisions with consumer intelligence.

8. Kimonix

If you are selling merchandise and want to boost your Return on Interest (ROI), one way is to create smart, automated collections with multiple condition options. This is where an advanced AI eCommerce merchandising manager like Kimonix comes in.

9. Provide Support

The emergence of a platform like this is a testament to the fact that customer experience is paramount. Provide Support is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful live chat widget to help you connect with your customers and visitors.

10. ProTexting

Message/SMS marketing is just as vital as email marketing. If you are looking to expand your reach, you need to run campaigns on just about every platform possible. Using a platform like ProTexting helps you do this. You can expect ProTexting to be comfortable and quick to navigate, help run live campaigns, and much more.

11. Stamped

Considering the importance of customer experience in this day and age, it is vital to forge a meaningful relationship with your customers if you want long-term success. A platform like Stamped can help you do this. Use Stamped to connect with your customers, engage them, and reward them as and when you want.

12. Conversion Bear

Trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe, Conversion Bear is your one-stop solution to upsell. It is integrated with Shopify and has a ton of features you can use to generate substantial revenue.

13. Egnition

Have a Shopify store? You can use Egnition to improve conversions, automate processes, and manage your Shopify store, thus boosting your sales without having to spend too much time.

14. My Size Inc

If you’ve shopped online for long enough, you’ve probably recognized the problems that come with it – items that do not fit, returning items that you do not want, etc. My Size Inc, another startup from the StartUp Nation, solves this problem. It standardizes sizing and enables customers to find the sizes that fit them on any given size chart.

15. SendinBlue

To cap off the list, we have an intuitive platform you can use to take your business to the stratosphere. SendinBlue has various features, including SMS marketing, Email Marketing, chat, landing pages, and so forth.


There you have it – a run-through of some of the best Email Marketing, eCommerce, CyberSecurity, and Customer Experience tools to help you grow your business immeasurably. So what are you waiting for? Add them to your arsenal NOW.