The Internet Protocol editorial team decided to share their opinion on how they celebrate Valentine's Day and what they think of it in general.

Ivan Tkachenko

Valentine's Day exists, and that's OK, because people love it. I think that whether you like it or not really depends on whether or not you are in a relationship at the moment. It's like Accountant's Day – if you are an accountant, you like it. If you're in a relationship, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to show how much you care about your beloved partner.

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Kay Lee

I really love giving and receiving gifts. I think surprising someone with a gift for no reason is a lot more fun than doing so on a schedule. Buying your boyfriend a pair of T-shirts when you are buying stuff from your wish list for yourself or buying some cool items for your partner online is awesome.

My boyfriend and I do not consider Valentine's Day a memorable holiday. But my boyfriend can go to the store to buy some bread, and come back with a bouquet of tulips. Or pick me up from work in the evening and go for a walk with French fries in hand. Paying attention to each other in a relationship is important, and you need to express love every day!

Lolly Page

Nowadays, young people face a difficult task: to congratulate their partner without being vulgar. I like it when people replace a regular bouquet of flowers with, for example, a potted cactus or LEGO Flower Bouquet.

Another super important problem with this holiday is that it emphasizes the privilege of those who managed to find their soulmate. Especially on social media, we see many posts about how nice it is to have a soul mate. But a person is not a half, we are all whole, self-sufficient, and ultimately, lonely.

Let this holiday exist, because someone really needs an extra reason for attention. I just would like it to have a meaning that is relevant to the time we live in. For example, I wish people would talk about the variety of forms of love or the importance of loneliness more often.

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Martin Scotch

Valentine's Day is 100% a marketing trick to increase sales, so I don't believe in this holiday. I believe it is better to try to learn how to love rather than think in clichés. Many people lack the skill of truly and genuinely loving others nowadays.

I do not celebrate this holiday, but it can be a great reason to tell someone you love them, because the barriers of embarrassment almost disappear. But I am usually too shy and do not congratulate those I would like to.

It would be cool if people perceived this holiday as a day of responsibility for their actions and attitude towards loved ones. There is enough of merry and innocent fun in everyday life. I would be upset with an insincere congratulation, but if someone who I like congratulates me, I will be delighted.