On July 3, the Facebook users, as well as the WhatsApp messenger and Instagram social network users informed about problems with downloading and viewing photos and videos.

According to the Downdetector website, which tracks problems of various web services, together with user's claims, stated that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have been experiencing issues around the world since the early morning. Users can't upload or view photos or videos, which were previously added. Instead of image browsing, users see only the descriptions of images, compiled by the Facebook algorithm.

The social media manager, Filip Struharik commented on the issue in his Twitter account and added that the problem emerged mainly in Europe and the US.
The FB spokesman stated that their team exert all powers to fix the problem as fast as they can.

On July 4, the correct functioning of all three above mentioned services was restored, although some users were still complaining about media files download and review execution. Also, FB posted another message to their followers, where the company made an apology for the inconvenient functioning of their service and marked that the trouble was resolved. From now on, regular users and businesses can enjoy seamless uploading or sending images, videos, and other files on platforms or apps.