Last week, Telegram announced that it would significantly expand the functionality of its voice chats. New features have not yet been implemented, but thanks to beta versions and leaks within the company itself, Telegram users can already know what improvements voice chats will receive in the following updates.

Telegram 7.5 Update Features Auto-Delete Messages
Telegram officially rolled out the 7.5 update that brings a bunch of new features, including auto-delete messages, expiring invite links, and a set of new animated emojis.

The first beta with updated voice chats appeared for Android, but Telegram has withdrawn it for unknown reasons. Besides, beta versions for macOS, Windows, and iOS have already been released, and they became the source of the new update's details.

Initially, voice chats appeared in groups, but soon, this feature will be launched in Telegram channels as well. The announced expansion will increase the number of participants in the voice chat from 5,000 people to an infinite number of users. The new feature will also allow broadcasting podcasts.

Twitter Began Testing Its Clubhouse-Like Spaces on Android
The company has been rapidly working on launching Twitter Spaces for Android within months of debuting its iOS beta at the end of December 2020. Twitter confirmed last month that Spaces would arrive on Android in March.

Users can create a dedicated voice chat link to invite people to listen to a conversation or participate in a discussion. Also, administrators will get an ability to record a voice chat and save it for further publication in the channel.

Facebook Is Reportedly Working on a Clubhouse Rival
The source says that Facebook executives instructed employees to create a similar product. It is noted that Facebook’s audio chat service is currently in its early stages of development.

Users who have joined the voice chat session as listeners will be able to participate in the discussion using the raise hand button. It will allow the presenter to see that someone wants to express their opinion and provide the user with this opportunity. In addition, the user's profile description will appear in the list of voice chat participants.

These new features mean that Telegram is going to become a multifunctional competitor to Clubhouse.