Apple responded to a complaint from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and said that developers and users can bypass App Store requirements by using web applications.

Apple's position in the antitrust dispute is that software distribution is not limited to the App Store. Developers have several alternative channels to attract users at once. One of them is PWA (progressive web app), which uses emerging web browser APIs and features along with a traditional advanced enhancement strategy to bring a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web apps.

Apple vs. Epic Games Trial Is Set for May 3
The date has been set for the trial between Epic Games and Apple over the App Store commission case. The first hearing will take place on May 3, and representatives of both companies will be required to attend it in person.

Apple stressed that its products have unrestricted and uncontrolled access to the Web, so using PWAs or sites, users can consume content not only in apps but also through a web browser.

The Cupertinians also said that the App Store competes directly with Google Play, Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, and other app stores. Even though iOS users do not have access to them, Apple considers them to be competitors, whose prices and policies limit Apple's ability to have power over developers.

Fleeceware Apps Extract Over $400 Million on the App Store and Google Play
Avast found out more than 200 fraudulent fleeceware apps with hidden subscriptions on the App Store and Google Play. SensorTower estimated that such apps had been downloaded more than 1 billion times and generated over $400 million in revenue.

Apple believes competition makes everything better and results in the best apps for customers.

"We also care about quality over quantity, and trust over transactions. That's why, even though other stores have more users and more app downloads, the App Store earns more money for developers. Our users trust Apple, and that trust is critical to how we operate a fair, competitive store for developer app distribution", Apple says on the App Store section page.