The US presidential election is coming, and surely something exciting awaits us. Four years ago Mr Trump was the black sheep, but now the Democratic Party nominated a very interesting candidate to contest the election. His name is Andrew Yang, and he is young people’s favorite. Both left and right wings love him, and even MAGA-hats (the supporters of current president’s politics) admit that they’re fond of him.

Andrew Yang’s campaign captivated the hearts of Americans. First of all, he is a centrist Democrat. Secondly, he is young, which makes him a man of working age, not just an active retiree. Thus, he overshadows the 77-year-old Bloomberg and the 78-year-old Sanders.

The apple never falls far from the tree. Like candidate, like an election campaign. A game appeared on Steam in which a presidential candidate crushes his opponents down with incredible hooks. The game will become available on Steam for macOS and Windows on December 31. If you haven’t played fighting games for a long time and also want to feel at the forefront of American politics, feel free to download the game.