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Get 8 thousand euros for memes with seals

The Norwegian company Opera Software has a temporary job opening for Personal Browser – the person whose job will be “surfing the far corners of the web with occasional challenges from Opera’s social media team and users.”

This is not a joke, you can see the vacancy on the Opera website. The duties of such an employee will include searching for interesting memes on the Internet, including memes with seals. For two weeks of work in the winter of 2020/2021, Opera promises to pay 8 thousand euros. This is the easiest money you can make. And you can do it from anywhere in the world.

A song from the cartoon Trolls for motivation

This week it was reported that Quibi, which had planned to compete with Netflix and raised $1.8 billion in funding, is shutting down after just six months of operation. Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg advised all employees who lost their jobs to listen to the song "Get Back Up Again" from the cartoon Trolls. It's good that Katzenberg added in time that they would all be fired with compensation.

Gay penguins stole an egg from lesbian penguins

A homosexual pair of penguins from a zoo in the Netherlands stole an egg from another same-sex couple – and made another attempt. This time the victim was another couple – two lesbian penguins. Now a homosexual couple of penguins take turns incubating an egg in their burrow. Penguin girls will soon make another nest for themselves, where they will try to lay a new egg.

Hacker guessed Trump's Twitter account password on the fifth attempt

Dutch cybersecurity specialist Victor Gevers assures that he guessed the password for the US President Donald Trump's Twitter account on the fifth attempt. The White House denies this.

Victor says that on October 16, he was able to log into Trump's account, since he used a simple password maga2020! – short for Make America Great Again, his campaign slogan. Trump's account was not protected by 2-Step Verification, he said. Gevers did not publish anything on behalf of the US President, he just took screenshots. One screenshot was published by the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland.

A restaurant for chipmunks

A resident of the American city of Atlanta, Georgia, Angela Hansberger, missed restaurants so much that she decided to open her own. And not for people, but for chipmunks. She shared her story in her bon appetit column.

Angela ordered a small wooden picnic table. As soon as she set up a table in her yard and put in a couple of nuts, a chipmunk appeared and ate all the treats.

The next morning the same chipmunk returned to the table.

One day, he even brought a tip to Angela. He brought a bundle of leaves and flowers and left them in her yard.

The girl even designed a chipmunk bar. Now the creatures can not only eat but also drink.

Angela comes up with more and more new features for her chipmunk restaurant.