On August 8, Donald Trump signed a series of orders that prohibit any transactions within the US with the Chinese company ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, the service for creating and viewing short, entertaining videos. The sanctions will take effect in 45 days, but concerned people have already come up with a way to bypass TikTok ban in the United States.

Why is TikTok being blocked in the USA and other countries?

The reason for the ban on the use of TikTok in the USA is that the platform collects “vast swaths of information from its users.” According to the president, the possible collection of data threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information. This can potentially allow China to track the location of Federal employees, build dossiers of personal information for blackmail, and conduct corporate espionage.

What are the consequences of TikTok ban?

TikTok has not yet left the US market, but Chinese companies have already started to have losses. After Trump’s decision became known, the capitalization of the largest Chinese technology companies fell by $100 billion.

For example, Tencent shares fell as much as 4.4%, Alibaba shares fell 6.7%, and JD.com shares fell 5%. It’s worth noting that the shares of ByteDance, which is currently negotiating with Microsoft about selling TikTok in the US and other countries, are not listed on the stock market.

US Army Bans TikTok on Government Phones | The Internet Protocol
The ban comes in a short while after the United States Navy had prohibited sailors from using TikTok on government devices over cybersecurity worries as well.

TikTok is a popular app loved by millions of people around the world. TikTok allows users to view, create, and share 15-second videos captured on mobile phones. Users can also apply numerous effects such as filters, background music, and stickers. They can also collaborate with users from different locations and create duet videos with friends around the world.

How to bypass TikTok ban?

To bypass political censorship and government restrictions, and continue to share your creativity with the world on TikTok, you need a VPN. Using a VPN to have access to TikTok will help you protect yourself, and your data will remain hidden so that no one could trace you.

The Takeover Bid of TikTok Is Valued at $50 Billion
Due to the US pressure over the Chinese company, ByteDance is considering several options of how the situation may develop. That’s why now some investors want to acquire the popular short video app TikTok.

In order to bypass TikTok ban in the United States, we advise you to use VPN Private, which is available both for Android and iOS users.

Unlike most VPNs, VPN Private provides over 20 free locations to connect (including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Russia), without buying premium or VIP subscription — all the features are free. VPN Private keeps no logs and collects no user’s identifiable data like usernames, IPs, or emails — you stay absolutely anonymous!

Using this free and unlimited VPN service, you can be sure that nobody sees your online private stuff. With VPN Private, no one can prevent you from watching your favorite videos at different platforms or using other services, no matter what your current location is. Just one click and you can unblock any site with the ultra-fast and top-secured VPN.

Moreover, installing the app, you not only obtain your own digital freedom but also increase the chance people from countries with pervasive Internet censorship and surveillance, with no ability to get a paid VPN service, will know about VPN Private and obtain digital freedom as well.

Here are the main features of VPN Private:

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  • No speed limits.
  • Unblocks any site.
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  • User-friendly interface.

How to change your phone's location with a VPN?

Once you've picked out a VPN and downloaded it, the rest is easy:

  1. Open the VPN app on your phone.
  2. Turn your VPN on – it will be obvious how from the user interface.
  3. Select your server location. So if you're inside the US, choose a server location somewhere that TikTok isn't banned – pretty much anywhere except India!
  4. Head to the TikTok website and take it from there.