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Melania Trump's green dress amused netizens

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, decided to attend the pre-election 2020 Republican National Convention in a bright green dress. Oh, she definitely shouldn’t have done it! The whole resonance lies in the fact that any video can be superimposed on green clothes, because this is essentially a regular chroma key. That is, the background used by special effects specialists in movies and TV series. Thus, Melania Trump's dress became a canvas for experiments. People broadcast weather forecast on it, along with article headlines, and even a video with former US Vice President Joe Biden.

Pantone Color Institute and rapper Nas create a new black color

The Pantone Color Institute has partnered with hip-hop legend rapper Nas to create a custom ULTRA BLACK by Nas. ULTRA BLACK is a rethinking of the sad tones of black. The new shade is humanistic, celebrating the black community as the personification of vitality. The creators of the new color believe that the whole atmosphere of 2020 is in this color.

LGBT train appeared in England

British rail carrier Avanti West Coast has launched an intercity train dedicated to the LGBT community: its hull is painted in the colors of the LGBT flag, the crew is made up of LGBT people, and in the cabin, you can see paintings by LGBT artists.

By the way, not only the colors of the LGBT flag are used in the train's design. For example, they use pink, blue, and white as a symbol of the transgender pride flag. Black and brown are used in support of black people and Asians.

They probably wanted to present the train by the Pride Month, but due to quarantine, the company was two months late.

Spanish artist creates an inflatable costume for people with a sun allergy

Spanish artist SiiGii has designed a latex swimsuit that allows you to swim without being exposed to the sun's rays. The suit is made of latex (thanks to which the suit is very elastic and allows free movement) and has several valves with which you can pump air in and out as needed.

Serena Williams’s most dedicated fan

The tennis tournament match in Cincinnati (USA) between Serena Williams and Maria Sakkari took place without fans, but the most loyal fan still managed to get into the stands. This fan turned out to be a raccoon. The animal noticed that it was being filmed and froze for a moment, but then went about its business, probably to take a hot dog and take a better seat.