The Telegram messenger has recently gained millions of new users following the news that WhatsApp was about to change its privacy policy to allow data sharing with Facebook.

But Telegram has some disadvantages, too. In this article, we will tell you about how Telegram affects the crime rate in the world and how the messenger filters content. If you thought there was no censorship in Telegram, you were wrong.

Why is Telegram deleting messages?

One of the main reasons Telegram has recently come into the spotlight among other social media platforms is that it provides an ideal environment for spreading illegal information. After the US Capitol siege by supporters of Donald Trump, many social networks found themselves in a difficult position.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced that the messaging app had removed hundreds of public calls for violence. That is, there is still some censorship and content filtering on the platform.

Pavel Durov Promised That Telegram Would Monetize Next Year
Pavel Durov also assured users that he would not sell the messenger, thereby refuting rumors that Telegram was sold to

How to report a message on Telegram?

To complain about messages that, in your opinion, may violate the rules of the service, you need to right-click on your computer or long-tap on your smartphone or tablet to bring up the additional menu of this message and select "complain."

After a complaint is sent, the message gets to the moderators, and they decide whether to block it or not.

Can Telegram be removed from the App Store?

Meanwhile, a nonprofit group in Washington is suing Apple, demanding that the iPhone maker remove Telegram from its App Store. For example, there have already been precedents when applications that promoted extremism, nationalism, racism, and other similar phenomena were removed from the App Store.

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Is it right of Telegram to introduce censorship?

Interestingly, in the United States, where such a scandal erupted, there are only 2% accounts of the Telegram user base, which is 10 million accounts.

But even that number of users is important when it comes to cutting off market access. If Telegram can retain access to the United States, it can increase the number of American users several times.

Is Telegram dangerous?

In some way, Telegram is dangerous because it offers channels and public groups depending on your location. It is an ideal tool for those who sell and deliver illegal drugs. Using the "People Nearby" feature, each user can access anything illegal in just a couple of clicks. And this is facilitated by the fact that messages in Telegram are encrypted.