We’ve been thinking about 2020 a lot and came up with five ideas about what was the beginning of the end, why 2020 ended up being so horrible, and why everything did not go according to plan.

The Internet Protocol team has specially trained people who wear white lab coats and study trends in memology. If you believe their latest reports, humanity has already stopped hoping for something good and has entered the stage of humility – 2020 was an awful year. It was terrible for everyone, except for Elon Musk: his son was born, and his rocket flew into space – he has nothing to complain about at all.

Now that we've already admitted that 2020 sucked, it's time to figure why.

1. Cats remake

The first rule of the Internet: don’t fuck with cats. The most creepy film about Cats in the history of films about cats was released on December 20, 2019, and we fully admit that it all started with this movie. At the same time, on December 18, a documentary entitled Don’t Fuck with Cats was released on Netflix. Maybe the guys from the streaming service knew something. But they didn’t save us from it.

2. My Chemical Romance reunion

A legendary emocore band that caused tons of eyeliner running down the cheeks at one time, broke up in 2013. For many years, the guys were doing their own things. Since 2013, the band has not given a single concert and has not recorded a single song. And then suddenly, at the end of 2019, the group announced a reunion.

3. Friends reunion

Everything is the same here: the dead shall remain dead. Moreover, the reunion of Friends was supposed to be super strange and cringey. Judging by the announcements, it would have turned out to be a typical high school reunion: insincere smiles, discussions about who had grown old and fat, awkward silence, the end.

4. Storm Area 51

On September 20, the whole world chuckled together over several brave warriors who went to a military base in the United States to storm Area 51. It all started with a comic event on Facebook, and grew into a real mini-festival near a military base in America. According to legend, on this very Area 51, aliens who have flown to Earth and have not been able to return home are kept in captivity. And at the end of 2019, humanity decided to find out the truth and free the unfortunate.

Of course, no storming took place. People arrived, took pictures, laughed, and drove home. But one guy was able to make the epic Naruto-run right on the air of the American TV channel. Perhaps this is how it all started.

5. The Last Star Wars

The latest Star Wars movie has been pretty painful. We assume that the scaling level of delirium that we saw in the final part opened a portal to some new dimension of absurdity, incompatible with normal life. And from the contact of two dimensions, 2020 was born with all its quirks.

Okay, 2020, we get it. Just please go away already.